The Challenge

Every company strives to get as many visitors as possible to their website. The decisive factor for high visitor numbers is primarily the quality of published content and involves a high degree of acceptance of individual pages by the visitors.

Interactivity plays an important role. It gives the site a personal touch, thus enhancing visitor loyalty and traffic. This interactivity can be achieved for example by comment or rating functions.

The responsible online editors are of course interested in feedback on their website, enabling them to respond accordingly. At the same time they want to edit reviews or comments, for example, to remove irrelevant content on time.

Up to now, an additional stand-alone tool was needed, which for the editors was often quite time-consuming.

The Solution

ARITHNEA developed the module SocialWeb for the Content Management System FirstSpirit. With this, comment and rating functions can be easily integrated into a website project.

SocialWeb offers the possibility of administrating user-generated content with the FirstSpirit Interface. User reviews and ratings are processed directly in the editing environment. With the help of release mechanisms, additional control layers can be introduced, so that comments and ratings cannot be seen without an editorial release of the published page. Additionally the layout of comments can be controlled using the administrative interface of FirstSpirit.

Using the module SocialWeb, interactive components such as rating functions and blog entries can be implemented.

SocialWeb is characterized by the following features:

  • Administration of user-generated content in the editorial environment
  • Release process
  • Various display options for comments and ratings
  • Use of login function of the module DynamicPersonalization
  • Flexible frontend, adjustable to any customer-CI
  • Platform autonomy (JAVA-Backend)
  • Support for all major relational databases

SocialWeb is easy to install and can be adapted to the individual needs of customer and website. The appearance of this module is always based on the CI of the customer.