Simple management of multilingual websites

The TranslationConnect module is used for structured exporting of content from a FirstSpirit™ project for a translation process and for importing it to the relevant language in the CMS after translation. Here a media-neutral XML format is used which is supported by standard Translation Memory Systems (TMS) such as Trados, and many translation agencies.

The module's benefits

With TranslationConnect it is possible to export both single content pages and multiple pages, for example a menu level, as an XML translation file – while also taking hierarchies into account. All formatting and references, such as internal/external links or references to images, videos, and documents in the original language, are maintained in the translated documents and are reproduced in the relevant target language channel.

Application range

  • Simplifying the maintenance of multilingual websites through structured translation processes.
  • Less work for content editors: hierarchies, formats, and references in the original language are transported to the target language via XML import – content editors do not have to perform this manually.
  • TranslationConnect can be used for content pages, navigation structures, and a complete range of database content.