TranslationStudio is an easy to use module to manage the translation process of your FirstSpiritâ„¢ projects. Pages and datasets registered for translation using SiteArchitect or ContentCreator will be exported automatically depending on your preferred quotas and a translatable XML forwarded to the Translation Memory System of your choice. The respective translation status will be checked regularly and imported into FirstSpirit automatically once a translation has been completed.


TranslationStudio is easy to use while providing full control of the entire translation management process.

  • How many pages and datasets shall be submitted for translation before the translation process is started automatically?
  • How many pages/datasets shall be included into a single translatable XML?
  • Translation deadline management.
  • Ad-hoc translation requests for urgent translations.

A detailed eMail reporting allows for full transparency throughout the translation management process.

Integration into your existing processes

TranslationStudio is designed integrate into your existing processes using connectors and small custom plugins using TranslationStudio's Java API.

Use the Translation Memory System of your Choice

TranslationStudio offers a range of connectors — plugins to connect to a Translation Memory System, but does not require them. In its basic configuration, translatable XMLs can be accessed via your filesystem. What is more, TranslationStudio provides a simple Java API to implement your own connector if necessary.