Integration: Just three clicks to a video stream right on your web site

Today multimedia content with moving images is standard for high quality web sites. With video, information on complex subjects can be conveyed easily and in a way that appeals to people on an emotional and personal level.

But in the past the allocation of the required infrastructure for editing videos, embedding them on a web site and arranging adequate trainings for employees meant high costs and efforts for IT departments.

By integrating the VideoManager from MovingIMAGE24 in FirstSpirit with the VideoManagement module, users can edit, manage, and publish all videos right inside their normal editing environment in the CMS – without additional infrastructure, editing programs, or IT support.

Video-Integration with FirstSpirit CMS

Advantages of using the integrated VideoManagement in the CMS

  • No additional infrastructure required
  • SaaS model lowers costs
  • Familiar CMS interface minimizes training requirements
  • Ease of use saves time
  • Access to all VideoManager functions directly in the FirstSpirit CMS:
    • Upload and edit videos, e.g. select start screen and create chapter
    • Configure templates for video player
    • Copy videos for integration in FirstSpirit
    • Access statistics and manage user privileges
  • CMS functionalities are retained:
    • Integration with the web page
    • Add text for editing
    • Live preview for the new page
    • Testing of functions and settings
    • Inclusion in the editing workflow