Real-time analysis for website optimization

The module integrates the web analytics software of etracker, whose functions can therefore be used directly in the CMS. Through graphically prepared statistics and the link clickmap and click heatmap visualization features, it immediately becomes apparent "on the object" to which user behavior editors have to respond and which optimizations are necessary.

Use scenarios:

  • Recording and evaluation of access figures, click paths, entry pages, exit rates, top pages, origin/search terms, dwell time, return, etc.
  • Visual preparation of the use data in the CMS: heat maps, click maps and access statistics graphically present the use behavior directly in FirstSpirit.
  • Continuous website optimization: Improve content, navigation and the positioning of content elements, teasers, graphics, links, etc. in the editing system.
  • Campaign controlling and A/B testing: Evaluation and comparison of indicators of different campaigns and advertising materials over any periods required.
  • Basket analyses: Analyze the turnovers of individual products and product groups, in order to identify successful campaigns as well as cross-selling and up-selling potential.

Advantages of WebControlling with FirstSpirit and etracker:

  • High availability and scalability: The visitor behavior is registered live in the etracker data center; clients do not have to create their own tracking infrastructure (Software-as-a-Service).
  • Fast and easy installation, no changeover necessary at the websites.
  • Single sign-on support: Single sign-on in the CMS is sufficient, in order to access the analytics data too.
  • Fast response options due to evaluation in real-time and results display directly in the CMS, so that editorial changes can be made immediately.
  • Optimum clarity of the results: Visualization features are displayed in the FirstSpirit preview.
  • Increase in conversion rates and the ROI by optimizing the marketing campaigns.
  • Data protection-conforming WebControlling: Certified conformity with data privacy and protection laws
  • Highly accurate and informative data thanks to the etracker pixel technology (use of an invisible ‘counter pixel’ with every page instead of conventional log file analyses)