Workflow Framework

An efficient solution for optimising approval and publishing processes in FirstSpirit

Multiple-review standards, time-controlled or prioritised publication and automatic update procedures for pages that have been modified – the demands on an efficient content approval and publishing process in FirstSpirit are the same for many projects. With the help of Workflow Framework, such solutions no longer need to be individually integrated into a CMS project.

Benefits of the module

The module Workflow Framework meets all typical editing needs involved with the publishing process in FirstSpirit. After approval from the editor, all pages, menus and media affected by any changes are automatically updated using a dependency function. This applies to data records and remote projects as well as to deleting content, which immediately removes the pages and media affected by those changes.

With the help of the framework, the module provides users with all basic functions for workflows and deployment. This simplifies the processes and means that they do not have to be created from scratch for every project. The main tasks for a project comprise configuring workflows, illustrating the deployment strategy with the framework’s functions and implementing its specific technical features via the framework’s interfaces. This solution drastically reduces the complexity and effort involved in the implementation.

Possible applications

Users can make best use of the framework with respect to the following challenges:

  • Specific streamlined processes are possible for larger websites when full deployments for ensuring consistency and deleting content are not efficient
  • For making prompt and realtime changes on websites. It is possible to update content with partial deployments that automatically (re)formulate the pages in question
  • With contingent items that must reviewed before approval, deletion or publication

Overview of the functions

The module Workflow Framework offers a comprehensive set of functions for implementing workflows and deployment strategies.

Workflow functions:

  • Approval workflow for direct approval and multiple-review standard
  • Deletion workflow for deleting pages, structures, media and data records
  • Mandatory reviews to ensure that content is consistent (e.g. the status of images used on a web page)
  • Interface for implementing proprietary and technical prerequisites
  • Convenience functions for approving contingent items (e.g. approving a new menu item with menu folder, page reference and page)
  • Time-controlled releases
  • Review of remote projects

Deployment functions:

  • Deployment queue as an interface to the workflows
  • Pre-defined full-deployment and partial-deployment orders
  • Optimised rsync tasks for file transfers with deletion of files
  • Dependency function that specifically updates only those pages affected by changes
  • Priority and time-controlled deployment