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Stay in sync. Future proof your systems. Lower cost. Do it the easy way. The benefits of integrating your CMS with existing enterprise applications and databases along with best-of-breed third party applications, social networks and cloud services are endless. FirstSpirit delivers on all fronts.

Making the business and use case justification for integration across various systems is easy. But when it comes to actually integrating systems, the devil is in the details. Too often, what may start off as a simple sounding integration ends up leading to missed deadlines and cost overruns. Welcome to the world of system integration.

It doesn’t have to be that way. From day one, e-Spirit’s system architects recognized the importance of making integration as simple and straightforward as possible, while also offering a broad set of proven and tested integrations “out of the box.”

There are three main factors driving our ongoing focus on integration:

Digital Experience Platform: An enterprise-class Web content management system represents an ideal means to aggregate content and drive it out through multiple channels, domains and countries. Seamless integration with enterprise systems is critical in order for a CMS to play this role.

Future proof: Customer expectations, company priorities, marketing strategies and technologies all change constantly. To keep pace, a CMS must have the ability to integrate best-of-breed applications and technologies so it can grow and evolve over time.

Investment protection: Continue using existing solutions by integrating them into the FirstSpirit CMS – no more “rip and replace“ where entire systems (e.g. media asset management) have to be replaced, or you want to improve functionality or usability.

Architected for integration

Designed for integration from the ground up, FirstSpirit uses industry standard interfaces and programming languages throughout so system integrators and developers can quickly come up to speed and be productive. It can also be used with any existing infrastructure.

Overview of FirstSpirit integration solutions

FirstSpirit’s open and extendable system architecture provides the ability to quickly integrate any desired enterprise system or application. In addition, customers can select from a wide range of integration solutions that have been fully tested and deployed in customer environments. Below is an overview of the available solutions.


Content and commerce belong together. e-Spirit offers solutions for major e-commerce platforms including IBM WebSphere Commerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Hybris with further integration options for e-commerce solutions from Oracle ATG, Intershop, Heiler and others. Read more

Enterprise portals

FirstSpirit brings best-in-class CMS usability to the enterprise portal. It does not matter whether the target system is a SAP NetWeaver Portal, an IBM WebSphere Portal, a Liferay Portal, a Red Hat JBoss Portal Platform or a Microsoft SharePoint – FirstSpirit lets you breathe new life into your existing portal infrastructure. Read more

Web applications

FirstSpirit’s unique AppCenter enables drag & drop integration of virtually any Web application or cloud service into FirstSpirit CMS. This unique functionality significantly increases editor productivity. They can now work with all applications they need to improve the customer experience such as online video management or geolocation without ever having to leave FirstSpirit. Read more

Digital marketing

Many marketing departments reply on both in-house and cloud-based applications to provide a wide range of specialized services for campaign and project management, lead generation, mobile support, analytics and more. Integrations are available for many top tools, and more can be easily added using AppCenter. Read more

MAM/DAM integration

FirstSpirit provides direct access to media asset management (MAM) and digital asset management (DAM) systems, allowing editors to tap multi-media content maintained in corporate media databases without having to leave the FirstSpirit editing environment.

PIM integration

Editors writing articles for a website or a newsletter often need product information from a product information management (PIM) system. Experience has shown that manual entry is not only time-consuming, but also subject to human error. With the help of PIM integration, editors can easily search for products and directly incorporate product information such as descriptions, price, or images into Web pages.

Enterprise data

A large amount of important corporate data is located in relational databases that need to be accessed by the CMS to give website visitors a personalized experience, for instance. Existing databases can be easily connected – without any programming, just by using the powerful graphic editor provided in FirstSpirit. This feature allows both, the simple integration and configuration of existing databases as well as creating or defining new databases, tables, columns or key relations. Editors do not need database knowledge (e.g. in SQL) to maintain or generate content. They work with intuitive user interfaces that automatically write into or read from the target database, based on pre-modelled schema.


FirstSpirit supports standard editorial processes with structured exporting of content from a Web project to translation processes and then importing the translated content into the CMS. FirstSpirit uses a media-neutral XML format supported by most standard translation memory systems (TMS) such as Trados, and many translation agencies.

Office integration

With FirstSpirit Office integration a content editor can view and edit Microsoft Office documents, preserve formatting and integrate them with a website, all directly from the integrated preview feature in the content editing environment, saving time and increasing productivity.

DMS integration

FirstSpirit provides support for the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) standard for integration with document management systems (DMS). The means that official records can be maintained in the DMS, and any changes automatically reflected in the online versions. Problems around redundant storage of documents are eliminated as a result.

Social network integration

FirstSpirit allows companies to seamlessly integrate their corporate Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to enable editors to publish content to social media channels directly from the FirstSpirit editing interface. Statistics on feedback and site visits can be displayed with a dashboard feature.

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Beyond customer experience management

Great customer experiences are predicated on the effectiveness of a CMS to address the global user experience—in effect, a well-designed CMS inspires better performance on the part of content creators and developers, yielding customer experiences that deliver more business impact. It also allows integration of familiar and new tools to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of content creators and developers.

To learn more download the white paper Beyond Customer Experience Management: What Your CMS Really Needs to Deliver. This insightful document is the result of a collaboration among Marc Strohlein, Principal of Agile Business Logic, Stefan Walgenbach, Vice President of R&D for e-Spirit, and Oliver Jaeger, Vice President of Marketing & Communications for e-Spirit. Each co-author brings their years of cross-discipline experience in the CMS industry to bear while challenging many popular assumptions about what’s important in a CMS.

e-Spirit white paper: Learn how to address the global user experience

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