The Power of Crownpeak Support

Tap into the experts who know best. Our support team offers the guidance and support you need, 24x7.

"The speed and competence are remarkable. I don't know of any other support in this area that reaches this level."

Robin Kump, Spezialist Web, DEVK Versicherungen

Support levels

Crownpeak offers a range of support packages to meet your unique support needs.

  • First Level Support is offered through your project implementation partner who will support you on all aspects of FirstSpirit. Or, you can opt to be supported by your company’s internal IT department.
  • Crownpeak's support team provides Second and Third Level Support to ensure that your FirstSpirit project runs smoothly.

In addition, the FirstSpirit Community offers you the option of sharing and discussing experiences or best practices with other users.

Support portal

As an Crownpeak customer, you have unrestricted access to our Support Portal which offers a wealth of information that’s easy to navigate.

  • Get the latest news and announcements
  • Learn about and download the latest product releases
  • Leverage the FirstSpirit User Guide
  • Use free Knowledgebase tools
  • Get technical support

It’s easy to reach our Technical Support team. Simply submit a support ticket from the FirstSpirit UI, via email, or use the Crownpeak Support Portal. Our ticket system allows you to monitor progress for all support tickets from your company so you’re always up to date.

License and software versions

If you are a FirstSpirit Cloud customer, there’s no need to worry about licenses and versions. For On Premise customers, our Technical Support team will supply you with the newest version of FirstSpirit, as well as modules from third-party vendors. They will also manage the licenses required to use FirstSpirit, and make them available to you upon request.