Content-Driven Commerce

Crownpeak is the leading hybrid CMS vendor for creating exceptional digital experiences online or in-store that influence buying behavior, wherever customers may be. No one has deeper experience than Crownpeak for integrating with the world's leading commerce platforms such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud, IBM Websphere, Spryker and many others to simplify creation of these experiences, no coding required.

TSI talks about working with FirstSpirit

Commerce platforms alone won't deliver the experiences customers expect when shopping, whether online or in-store. These platforms require significant time and dependence on developers to add the content—videos, images, text, illustrations, and so on—required to tell stories that make your product catalog come alive. True customer engagement comes only when content management and commerce platforms are strategically united.

The FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform helps you create content-rich online stores with ease that deepen engagement and turn shoppers into loyal customers.

In order to optimize the customer online shopping experience, we need technology that enables us to easily combine content and commerce to create a seamless customer experience. FirstSpirit CMS empowers our marketers to easily create and manage content across many different languages.

Daniel Koch, digital platform manager for LaShoe

The world's most iconic B2C and B2B brands use FirstSpirit for a Commerce Edge. Here are just a few...

Convert visitors with shoppable, content-driven experiences

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Content-Driven Commerce

Crownpeak's hybrid CMS enables you to create and deliver inspiring content within your e-commerce pages without any coding, resulting in greater engagement and higher ARPU.


Digital Signage

Optimize the in-store experience with interactive digital signage that bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds.


Dynamic Content Experiences

Easily create dynamic content, such as interactive images and shoppable videos, directly within your online stores that will increase engagement and influence buying behavior.


Enterprise-Class Globalization & Localization

Ensure brand consistency across multiple regions, sites and languages to support local marketing efforts and global business objectives.


Personalized Content Delivery

Use Crownpeak's Intelligent Content Engine (ICE) to deliver personalized, relevant content that differentiates your brand and compels customers to action through the power of AI.


Omnichannel Marketing

Deliver connected digital experiences on websites, mobile applications (PWAs), conversational platforms, IoT devices or other channels using Touchpoint Editing to boost B2B or B2C sales, and online and in-store.

Compel customers to action with a Hybrid CMS for Commerce

See our SAP Commerce Cloud integration in action.

The FirstSpirit CMS extends rich online store functionality with certified integrations to the world’s leading commerce platforms. Our SaaS/Cloud offering helps you provide content-rich, personalized e-commerce experiences anytime, anywhere using your e-commerce system of choice for B2B, B2C or even B2B2C scenarios. Read about the power of content + commerce enabled by these integrations in our customer section.

Proven integrations with leading commerce suites

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud: The first enterprise-class CMS to be fully certified by Salesforce Commerce Cloud and winner of the e-commerce "Demo Jam".
  • SAP Commerce Cloud: FirstSpirit extends SAP's online store functionality by providing content-rich, personalized digital experiences anytime, anywhere in both B2C and B2B scenarios.
  • IBM WebSphere Commerce: The first CMS provider listed as "Ready for IBM Commerce" and we a proud recipient of an IBM BestSeller Award in “Independent Software Vendor – Smarter Commerce" category.
  • Further Integration options are available for e-commerce solutions from BigCommerce, commercetools, Oracle ATG, Spryker, Informatica, Intershop, Shopify, and others.

Certified Integration with SAP Commerce Cloud Spartacus

As the first content management system (CMS) with a certified integration with SAP Commerce Cloud’s decoupled PWA “Spartacus” storefront we will make it easy for you to use SAP Commerce Cloud to deliver immersive, content-driven shopping experiences across consumer touchpoints – code free and at speed – to increase engagement and revenue.

Find out how Crownpeak's experience-driven commerce solution can help you.

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