FirstSpirit & commercetools

Offer inspiring and engaging digital experiences that encourage your visitors to shop! Our FirstSpirit hybrid headless content management system (CMS) extends the functionality of commercetools by enabling B2B and B2C marketers to easily create and deliver content-rich, personalized commerce experiences across all channels.

Why do FirstSpirit and commercetools fit together so well?

We combine the best of both worlds! commercetools offers customers an agile and innovative commerce solution in weeks, not months. Crownpeak enables these same customers to rapidly deploy a content management solution, integrated with commercetools, to easily add content-driven experiences to the commerce environment, with no developer support, engaging buyers, and driving increased revenue. This partnership has the following advantages:

  • Preview AND edit: You are able to preview and edit your shop, portal, or website entirely within the FirstSpirit content management system. You can see in advance how the content will be displayed - regardless of which channel you want to publish the content in. FirstSpirit is the only CMS on the market that allows the editor to not only preview content on any touchpoint, but to also edit that content in context of commerce pages. It doesn't matter which front-end solution the customer's architecture is built with.
  • Hybrid headless: commercetools M.A.C.H. and Crownpeak's CMS make your website faster, more flexible, and even more successful! The combination of FirstSpirit and commercetools unites the advantages of modern architectures: Developers enjoy the flexibility, speed, and stability that make both systems so unique in the market; and editors love working with FirstSpirit and commercetools since content-driven commerce experiences are so easy to edit. Using commercetools and FirstSpirit together, you will be faster, more flexible, and more successful than your competitors; and more importantly, exceeding your customers’ expectations.
  • Touchpoints: Do you enable commerce on an app or even an intranet? With the FirstSpirit CMS, you have the ability to manage content on any of these touchpoints with just one click. As an editor you don't have to switch between individual applications. Editing takes place directly at the touchpoint to display AND edit content on any device within or outside of your company's channels.

FirstSpirit and commercetools summed-up:

Visual, immediate and intuitive: We enable the implementation of marketing ideas directly in commercetools. No abstract forms or having to depend upon developers - rapid and easy creation of content-driven commerce experiences.

- Manage the homepage or category and shop pages

- Create your own content trees, guidebooks or customer magazines

- Manage images via your existing MAM or the CDN infrastructure

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Optimal user experience through content-driven e-commerce

  • Enrich your product content with shoppable videos, images, text, illustrations, user-generated content, and more to make your product catalog more lively.
  • Create great stories and experiences at any touchpoint, regardless of which channel or device is used for interaction.
  • Deliver your Omnichannel content to the right visitor at the right time with AI-based personalization and real-time targeting.
  • Easily manage a consistent global brand while localizing content for consumers wherever they are.
  • Gain insight into visitor behavior through real-time and AI-based analytics to enable better experiences.

The most powerful CMS on the market now offers integration with commercetools.

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Radically simplify your content management process, faster than light

  • Radically simplify your content management process, faster than light
  • Create and manage all your business content with simple drag and drop capabilities in a simple and intuitive interface - no developers required!
  • Use commercetools for e-commerce and FirstSpirit to enrich product content and create digital experiences for increased commerce revenue.
  • Store content in a central repository where it can be easily accessed and reused across multiple channels.
  • Master the challenges of distributing content across multiple brands, channels, and languages and significantly reduce time-to-market.

Secure a competitive advantage!

  • Reduce costs dramatically. The FirstSpirit hybrid headless CMS offers a headless, hybrid, and head-optional architecture. This means that the proven infrastructure of commercetools is used to provision FirstSpirit content so that no additional servers are required; and the hybrid headless CMS capabilities of FirstSpirit enable in-context preview and editing for support of any output channel or touchpoint.
  • Direct commercetools integration. A proven partnership with the world's largest retail brands, solving their biggest digital marketing challenges.
  • Accelerate your launch of content-driven commerce experiences. Integrate the FirstSpirit hybrid headless CMS into your commercetools instance and save valuable time while driving greater ecommerce revenue.

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