FirstSpirit & Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Commerce platforms are great for managing products, pricing and shopping carts, but even the best platforms like Salesforce Commerce Cloud make it dificult for e-commerce and marketing teams to easily add content-driven experience to global commerce sites. Crownpeak's unrivaled CMS partnership with Salesforce Commerce Cloud is guaranteed to enable rapid delivery of Content-Driven Commerce Experiences.

Transform your commerce software into an experience platform

Experience is the new differentiator for driving engagement and e-commerce revenue. The FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform makes it easy to create inspiring, personalized content—such as promotional banners, product teasers, shoppable images and videos, user-generated content and other types of vendor or third-party driven content—directly within the Salesforce Commerce Cloud environment with no IT involvement.


Easy Content Creation Globally

Crownpeak's enterprise-class CMS simplifies the process of adding content to your Salesforce commerce pages, removing the need to go to developers for site updates and addition of new content features.

Preserving the power of Einstein

The deep, decoupled integration between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and FirstSpirit CMS allows full access to Salesforce features, in addition to headless CMS capabilities.


Consistent Buyer's Journey

Preview AND edit content in-context on any device or channel with our Omnichannel Manager, including an on demand UI, will ensure brand consistency and the best possible customer experience.



The FirstSpirit hybrid CMS has headless capabilities, enabling content delivery to any device or channel (e.g., progressive web applications, digital signs, conversational platforms). Even better, our Omnichannel manager enables view AND edit control of all DX experiences on these channels.


Industry-Leading Partnership

Crownpeak as a Platinum Partner, has achieved many “first’s” with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, for example, First ever certified CMS/DXP solution; and first certified Storefront Reference Architecture.

Fast time to market

Many common customers with proven deployments coupled with a Salesforce Starter-Package ensures fast time to market and time to value. (reference customers across US, EMEA and APAC)

“We were able to launch our HumanWoman and Margaret Howell brands in half the time expected using the Starter Package, surprising everyone.”

Matahiro Kashiwagi, Chief Digital Officer at TSI

Case Study TSI Holdings

Learn how Japan’s largest online retailer, TSI Holdings, launched two e-commerce websites in 30 days using the Salesforce Starter Package.

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Create exceptional content-driven commerce experiences

  • Enrich product content with shoppable videos, images, text, illustrations, user-generated content and so on to tell stories that make your product catalog come alive.
  • Create great content-driven commerce experiences at every touchpoint regardless of channel or device being used for true engagement.
  • Deliver omnichannel content to the right visitor at the right time with AI-powered personalization and real-time targeting.
  • Easily maintain a consistent brand globally while localizing content for consumers wherever they may be.
  • Gain insights into visitor behavior using real-time, AI-powered analytics and enable better experiences.

Catch a small glimpse of our Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration

The most powerful CMS on the market offers Starter Packages for your Salesforce Commerce Platform.

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Make Managing Commerce Content Radically Simple

  • Create and manage all of your commerce content with easy drag and drop from one simple and intuitive user interface—no coding required!
  • Use Salesforce Commerce Cloud for e-commerce, and FirstSpirit to enrich product content and create digital experiences for increased revenues.
  • House content in a central repository, with Crownpeak where it can be accessed and re-used across multiple channels with ease.
  • Master the challenges associated with multibrand, multichannel and multilanguage content distribution and greatly reduce time to market.

Act Now for a True Competitive Advantage

Certified and proven Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration. It's a proven partnership that the world's largest retail brands use to solve their biggest digital marketing challenges. Crownpeak offers deep integration to take advantage of all that Salesforce Commerce Cloud's technology has to offer, coupled with a headless architecture that enables content to be leveraged by any front-end service such as mobile applications or digital signs.

Enterprise-class CMS for commerce. Our agile, enterprise-class CMS empowers you to easily create and deliver personalized, content-driven commerce experiences to any channel, in any language, anytime and anywhere. Content modules, photo galleries, fashion blogs and so much more are pre-built and ready to use. You get enterprise-class, headless content management capabilities for an e-commerce edge.

Dramatically reduce costs. Jumpstart your website project with our highly-customizable FirstSpirit Starter Package for Salesforce Commerce Cloud—no FirstSpirit knowledge required—and save as much as $50-$100K on implementation costs for greater ROI.

Accelerate time to market. FirstSpirit’s Starter Package for Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps you create content rich online stores with lightning speed. Gone are the days of drawn-out implementations, blown deadlines and cost overruns. Launch your content-driven commerce site in one to two days using the FirstSpirit Starter Package for Salesforce Commerce Cloud and start delivering the shopping experiences customers demand today.

Experience the Content-driven Commerce Edge

Easy to use. Marketers, meet your new favorite tool. Our legendary usability empowers non-technical Salesforce Commerce Cloud users to easily and intuitively manage e-commerce content—without using HTML.

Personalized. Differentiate your company and compel your users to action with personalized, content-driven commerce experiences.

Enterprise class. The FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform was built for global businesses needing to simplify complex, distributed environments in the cloud.

Omnichannel. Deliver content-rich, synchronized e-commerce experiences on any channel, wherever customers may be.

Interoperable. We play nice with everyone. FirstSpirit is highly interoperable with any system or app—PIM, DAM, mobile, etc.

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