Inspiring Experiences

Today's customer journey is no longer linear, and inspiring experiences are required to stand out from the content "noise" that audiences are subjected to every day. To deliver engaging, global digital experiences that drive action requires orchestrating content across numerous channels and devices, while personalizing and localizing it to support the entire customer journey.

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Build an agile digital marketing technology stack

Creating engaging digital experiences across the entire customer journey requires advanced orchestration – FirstSpirit’s powerful integration and hybrid CMS (headless + CaaS) capabilities make it easy.

Deliver personalized, context-aware content

All the tools you need to deliver the right content at the right time to the right person in the right context, no matter the channel or device.

Create inspiring experiences with no IT involvement

Customers expect visually rich, engaging and interactive experiences. Crownpeak's solutions empower non-technical teams to easily create these experiences with no coding.

Create micro-moments of influence

Deliver content with the speed needed to satisfy customer expectations on their channel of choice, in real time and at speed using FirstSpirit's AI-powered personalization, testing and optimization, natural language generation, and translation management capabilities.

Create shoppable content-driven experiences

Create content-rich online stores that engage customers and inspire them to action. (e.g., interactive images, shoppable videos, user-generated content)

Create experiences that scale

Easily scale your digital ecosystem as your global footprint grows with multi-site management, and multilingual and multicultural experiences. Our flexible content architecture enables you to add new channels as they emerge for cutting edge experiences.

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Deliver the richest digital experiences possible with the FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform.

In order to deliver true omnichannel digital experiences, your digital experience platform (DXP) should serve as a central platform that seamlessly connects people, processes, technology and channels, while giving you the agility needed to get to market fast. FirstSpirit helps you deliver exceptional digital experiences while moving in the digital world with extreme agility and purpose.

Ten good reasons to opt for the FirstSpirit DXP.

✓ Content Management. Transform your digital presence into a marketing engine that connects with customers, drives engagement and creates new business.

✓ Personalization & Targeting. Create relevant, customized content for your specific audience segments and individuals.

✓ Globalization & Localization. Easily maintain a consistent brand across channels worldwide while supporting local marketing efforts.

Omnichannel Marketing. Maximize content assets across multiple channels worldwide while maintaining brand consistency.

Smart Dashboards. Gain easy access to all content-relevant KPIs in one central location making it simple to orchestrate intelligence-driven campaigns for high impact results.

✓ Content Everywhere. Streamline delivery of content to and from any device, channel or application with Headless CMS and Content-as-a-Service capabilities.

✓ Testing & Analytics. Optimize conversion rates with integrated A/B testing and analytics tools.

✓ Digital Signage. Focus on content creation for digital signage without worrying about its delivery or presentation.

✓ Content Recommendations. Optimize the user experience with your most irresistible content for each visitor.

Starter Kit. Shorten implementation time significantly with a ready-to-go progressive web application (PWA) that can be used as a blueprint for customer mobile-first websites and apps.

Each of our regions have unique needs from a content and design perspective. FirstSpirit allows our regional marketing managers to easily create digital experiences that map to local markets.

Sabine Stadelmann, Digital Marketing Communications, Julius Blum GmbH

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