Bridge The Gap Between The Digital And Physical World

Digital signage is a powerful way to deliver experiences that transcend these two worlds. FirstSpirit is the only digital experience platform that helps you deliver continuous experiences in real time—whether online, offline, in IoT smart devices, or any combination thereof at once—for a consistent buyer's journey and an accelerated time to revenue.

Effortlessly orchestrate and synchronize experiences online, offline and in-store for seamless customer interactions.

Seamlessly engage customers across all channels—whether online, offline or in-store—using FirstSpirit's Headless CMS and Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) capabilities. The experience is truly wherever you are. Simply create content, and it goes wherever it's intended to go—instantly.

  • Align content to the customer journey and synchronize it seamlessly across all digital and physical touchpoints.
  • Build upon mobile experiences with digital signage leveraging proximity-based beacon technology.
  • Deliver reviews and recommendations to influence impulse shopping at the shelf edge.
  • Empower your non-technical teams to easily view and edit content on any channel with our Omnichannel Manager's in-context editing and on demand UI.

Influence buying behavior at the point of sale

Through Crownpeak's exclusive partnership with Samsung SDS, you can deliver targeted content to Samsung digital signs or IoT smart devices with unprecedented ease.

  • Deliver personalized content to any Samsung digital sign or IoT device.
  • Delight in-store customers with convenient, relevant, interactive content and experiences.
  • Secure customer loyalty with end-to-end customer experiences using static, dynamic and interactive digital signs (touchscreen), or use beacons for proximity-based marketing.

We are very pleased to be working with Crownpeak This allows us to offer our customers entirely new possibilities for the dynamic use of digital signage systems as a complement to their multichannel strategy.

Jongcheel Im, president Samsung SDS Europe

Digital signage for experience-driven commerce

Deploy synchronous personalization that deepens e-commerce engagement, promotes product discovery, and increases sales.

Brand-building signage that features recent store or vendor-advertising campaigns, videos, and digital imagery.

Dynamic marketing signs that adapt to consumer behavior versus your goals–for example, promoting loss leaders or advertising sales items to increase volume.

Specific product information such as how to use a product, how much it costs, what it contains, and any sales or coupon information related to the product.

Point-of-sale signage to influence consumers while they are in line or at checkout, such as flash coupons.

Self-service applications, such as price checking, product inventory, and location of items.

Wayfinding signage that helps customers navigate the location, which is useful in very large stores, airports, and tourist attractions such as museums.

General informational displays featuring news, weather, stock market updates (like the ones in city building elevators)

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