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Insurance providers that establish websites and portals with a powerful CMS build upon their foundation of strong customer service. In other words, they build on FirstSpirit.

A Web presence that provides optimal service

In the insurance world it’s all about customer relationships. Whether you’re providing auto, home, health or life insurance, there’s one common thread: you need to develop and sustain excellent relationships with your customers.

To do that these days, you need attractive, informative websites that strengthen your bond with customers. Personalized content and information that is easy to find helps customers sort through confusing options and builds trust in your brand. Great online self-services add convenience while at the same time help you to reduce operating costs. Insurance companies that offer a great Web experience, on the desktop and on the go, rise above the rest.

Easy to access content available on all channels simplifies claims and sales

Easy to access content available on all channels simplifies claims and sales

A great digital experience must go beyond your customers’ visits to your website. The agents who sell your products and handle claims need to have easy access to information about their customers, their insurance portfolios as well as new products customers might be interested in. This calls for making sure your extranet and intranet are easy to access with content that’s always up to date and available on multiple channels.

At Crownpeak we understand the needs of the insurance industry having assisted numerous industry leaders in creating highly acclaimed websites that meet the needs of their entire user community.

Select Insurance Customers:

Single platform integration for many users

As the CMS of choice for many multi-national insurance companies, FirstSpirit has gained the confidence of a discriminating audience. Our single platform integration keeps things simple for customer and agent alike and on the backend boosts productivity for the entire content creation team. FirstSpirit offers unparalleled performance, reliability and scalability with features like SmartDynamics for personalization without the performance hit.

FirstSpirit for insurance providers offers many key advantages:

  • Higher conversion rates and website traffic resulting from increased content flow across all channels
  • Increased efficiency from managing multiple sites through a single platform, including all customer-facing pages, intranets and extranets
  • Content creation and uploading though the CMS can be handled by content editors anywhere in the world, accelerating campaign rollouts
  • Consistent branding and look and feel using templates and style guides, accessible globally through a central platform
  • Websites that automatically adapt to any device, so customers can match their desktop experience on their smartphones and tablets
  • Proven integration with marketing analytics tools and leading portals including SAP NetWeaver, IBM WebSphere, SharePoint, Liferay, Red Hat JBoss and more
  • Faster time to market and reduced training and operational costs
  • Ability to add custom apps for customers and agents

When fulfilling people’s insurance needs is what you do, you need a dependable, proven partner on your team. FirstSpirit CMS is there to lend its support to your Web presence so you can deliver a truly exceptional online experience to all your stakeholders.

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