Manufacturers today are under increased pressure to reinvent themselves digitally. To effectively compete, you need to operate more efficiently, gain actionable insights from data, go to market faster, and deliver breakthrough experiences to a wider array of segments, personas and channels that drive revenue either directly with digital commerce or indirectly with engaging digital experiences.

Digitally infused manufacturing experiences

If you aren’t cultivating a relationship with your customers, your resellers and suppliers will own it. To prevent fragile customer loyalty, you need to engage digitally-empowered customers with inspiring online experiences no matter where they may be or what they're interested in doing - information gathering, product research, online purchases, manufacturer inquiries, etc..

The FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform helps you deepen engagement with customers—and your entire supply chain—for greater brand loyalty, increased revenue and a competitive edge regardless of the channels or commerce platforms in use.

Select Manufacturing Customers:

We are very satisfied with FirstSpirit's ability to deliver inspiring experiences to our customers. What's been of greatest value to us is FirstSpirit's high level of usage, flexibility and agility to meet future needs.

Sabine Stadelmann, Digital Marketing Communications for Julius Blum GmbH - $2B+ manufacturer of furniture fittings with sales in 70+ countries

Why Crownpeak

  • Headless CMS. Create and accelerate the delivery of personalized content to any channel with FirstSpirit’s API-driven headless, hybrid or head-optional architecture, and deliver compelling digital experiences throughout the entire customer journey. The FirstSpirit CMS will integrate within any DX ecosystem, even wtih other CMSs, serving as the central management point for all of your content.
  • CMS for B2B e-Commerce. Commerce platforms are great for managing SKUs, product descriptions and shopping carts, but they require development resources and coding skills to add content-driven experience. Crownpeak deeply integrates with the world's leading B2B e-commerce platforms to make it easy for your teams to add promotions, interactive images, shoppable videos and other content to any commerce page or channel for greater buyer engagement and accelerated time to revenue.
  • AI-powered personalization. Unify disparate sources of data from across your organization for a holistic view of the customer and use artificial intelligence (advanced machine learning) to create content-rich, individualized digital experiences.
  • Omnichannel marketing. Provide customers with personalized, relevant content experiences on any channel or IoT device to create micro-moments of influence for increased loyalty and revenue. Our Omnichannel Manager makes it easy for your teams to create AND edit this content on websites, mobile Internet, progressive web applications, digital signs, conversational platforms, etc.
  • A tailored DX platform. FirstSpirit's industry-leading interoperability enables you to deploy a digital experience ecosystem in record time that is 100% tailored to your company and its business -- giving you a competitive edge.
  • Unified data. Unify disconnected data silos for a holistic view of the customer and invaluable product insights by onboarding data from any internal or external source--CRM, MAM, ERP, mobile app, social media, etc.

Learn how many of the world's largest manufacturing companies have transformed their digital experience strategy.

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