FirstSpirit CMS helps nonprofits run leaner and more effectively

In a world where nonprofit organizations and universities must prove their donor dollars are as strictly managed as their program impacts, FirstSpirit CMS can stretch funds a long way with its low total cost of ownership that can power your digital presence on any channel.

A powerful CMS helps organizations with a digital strategy that resonates and rewards

Pressure on all sides—that’s the principle climate for nonprofit organizations in our world today. And demand to show results and keep overhead costs low can be mutually exclusive. That’s where the tools you use for your digital strategy must work overtime.

The FirstSpirit content management system does just that. It provides the easy-to-use CMS you need to build and maintain compelling websites, publish all types of content to multiple channels—print and mobile devices, too—while integrating with your back-end systems to give your constituents a personalized experience. FirstSpirit does all this while preserving your existing hardware and software investments. No rip and replace needed.

Maximum content management with minimum IT help

FirstSpirit for nonprofits also offers the following benefits when used as the basis of your website platform:

  • Reduced training requirements. Intuitive interfaces mean there’s limited need for IT support or lengthy training sessions, keeping costs low and productivity high.
  • Maximum content reuse. FirstSpirit stretches budgets by making it easy to reuse all types of content from blogs to videos to email and whitepapers, so your message is consistently displayed and content creation costs are reduced.
  • Information sharing. Integrate the CMS with existing content repositories and databases to give donors and other visitors a personalized experience that improves engagement.
  • Expand your reach. Full support for multiple languages, including style guides and templates, makes it effortless to roll out local and regional marketing campaigns and websites throughout your sphere of influence.
  • Lower infrastructure costs. Compared to alternatives, FirstSpirit requires less ongoing maintenance and operates more efficiently, so your hardware and related costs are reduced by as much as 50 percent.

Ultimately, what all this means for your organization is your message gets out clearly and effectively to all your constituents. You get the best results possible by having a Web presence that’s easy for your editors and content creators to work with and lowers your overall cost of ownership.

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