Personalized Mobile Experiences Driven By Data

Deliver personalized and perfectly synchronized content to customers on their mobile device of choice—whether mobile phone, progressive web application, digital sign or IoT smart device. The FirstSpirit Hybrid (headless+) CMS unifies data from across your organization and channels for a more connectded buyer's journey, enabling mobile experiences that drive customers to action wherever they may be.

Deploy true cross-device personalization

Build a single view of each customer with unified data from the web, mobile devices, mobile apps and email to ensure brand consistency regardless of the device in use by your customers. Our enterprise-class hybrid CMS will also enable you to leverage behavioral data across multiple mobile devices and apps to deliver even more personalized mobile experiences.

Deepen mobile engagement and promote product discovery

Use cross-device data—from a mobile phone or tablet—to tailor mobile recommendations and better engage visitors. Create mobile-friendly layouts and easily insert product recommendations anywhere on your mobile site. You can also fuse multiple recommendation strategies into the same recommendation overlay—such as what’s new, top selling or recommended for you—for better results.

Advantages of Personalized Mobile Experiences

Increase conversions with dynamic personalized experiences.
Maximize content impact and drive conversions by dynamically delivering personalized mobile content and page layouts using FirstSpirit’s Intelligent Content Engine. Instantly quantify the impact of these dynamic content changes on your KPIs and tailor unique digital experiences for each persona.

Boost engagement with dynamic behavioral messaging. Anticipate needs, create urgency and drive latent users back to their preferred channel with perfectly timed, behavioral-triggered overlays and notifications, retargeting display ads, exit intent overlays, emails, and more.

Drive revenues with product recommendations
. Increase user retention, app engagement and session length by inserting data-driven product, content and email recommendations at critical touchpoints and drop-offs. Allow the AI-powered recommendations engine to optimize for goals such as “maximize conversions per user” or “maximize purchases” by showing similar, popular, high-grossing or related products. Recommend based on viewing history, prior behavior, real-time intent and more.

Drive clicks with automated mobile app A/B testing.
Automatically and continuously optimize the performance of any app content using AI-powered testing and optimization algorithms. Test anything from headlines to CTAs to landing pages and let FirstSpirit choose the best performing variations based on the KPIs you set for truly effortless optimization.


Build unified customer profiles

Use insights gleaned from cross-device behaviors to target valuable customer segments. Segment by user behavior, device type, element clicks, geo-location, local weather forecast, past purchases and more.


Prevent mobile abandonment

Keep mobile interest going to prevent abandonment by serving a variety of perfectly-timed targeted messages and optimized layouts. Trigger new banners with price-reduction offers for discount sensitive consumers, for example, or display support or live chat pop-ups to encourage engagement.


Optimize for small screen size

Maximize screen space and guide visitors seamlessly through the purchase funnel. Leverage AI-powered optimization across web and mobile channels to improve product discoverability, scrollable category carousels and more.


Engage mobile visitors with 1:1 messages

Accommodate for short mobile sessions by presenting visitors with recently-viewed items when they return, or by opening to items left in shopping carts. Display notifications based on consumer activity, product availability or cross-device behavior to better engage on mobile devices.


Deepen engagement with in-app messages

Anticipate needs, create urgency and drive latent users back into your app with perfectly-timed, personalized messages.


Gain mobile insights using advanced customer segmentation and analytics

Use cross-channel behavioral insights to target valuable mobile-app audience segments. Segment by usage behavior, device type, content clicks, location, weather forecast and more.

We were seeing a checkout conversion we were simply not happy with. We're currently looking at about a 50% increase in our [mobile] checkout ... We're starting to see some really strong uplift in average transaction value.

Matthew Henton, Head of Ecommerce, Moss Bros Plc

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