Deliver content-rich digital experiences, wherever customers may be.

Omnichannel marketing is how you meet today’s customer journey needs, where interactions are less linear, more erratic (wherever the customer may be) and in perpetual motion (multiple channels at once). To be successful, you must meet customers on their own terms with as little effort as possible. Easily deliver content-rich, synchronized digital experiences anytime, anywhere using the AI-powered FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform.

Gain a competitive edge with real-time omnichannel marketing

Delivering great omnichannel experiences is not just a competitive advantage. It may be your only competitive advantage. Engage customers across existing or emerging channels and devices with content and campaigns that are timely, targeted and relevant using FirstSpirit.

  • Deliver content with the speed and consistency needed to satisfy customers on their channel of choice.
  • Ensure brand consistency across all channels, regions and languages to support local and global marketing efforts.

Effortlessly orchestrate and synchronize any digital experience desired for seamless customer interactions

Deliver content with the speed and consistency needed to satisfy customers on their channel of choice—whether web, mobile web, progressive web applications, digital signage, wearables or conversational platforms—using Headless CMS and Content-as-a-Service capabilities.

  • Strategically align content to the customer journey and synchronize it seamlessly across all digital touchpoints.
  • Deliver content to any channel and edit and present it instantly in the optimized format designed for each for improved digital experiences.
  • Pull content together dynamically for the right customer in the right context at the right touchpoint at the right time.

Manage the performance of omnichannel campaigns from one central location

Simply set your goals and KPIs and let the AI-powered Intelligent Content Engine do the analytics and optimization work for you ensuring optimized experiences backed by data and insights.

  • Increase revenue and conversions by executing predictive tests and AI-powered optimization.
  • Continuously A/B test and optimize omnichannel experiences in real time based on KPIs, such as maximize revenue.
  • Run multivariate tests with multiple variables simultaneously, and dynamically allocate the best performing combinations

We wanted to partner with a CMS provider that would enable the brands to have the power to manage the content on their own while delivering the shopping experiences customers crave. FirstSpirit has exceeded our expectations in every way.

Matahiro Kashiwagi, Chief Digital Officer at TSI

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