e-Spirit is now Crownpeak

What you need to know about the rebrand and our exciting next chapter as Crownpeak.

As of August 1, 2022, e-Spirit GmbH is Crownpeak Technology GmbH. Read on to learn about the rebrand, the advantages it will bring to our customers and partners, and what it means for you.

About the e-Spirit acquisition

In April 2021, Crownpeak acquired e-Spirit combining the significant strengths and differentiators of both companies, and expanding our global reach.

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With the merger, our combined suite of composable capabilities now supports every stage of the customer journey and includes best-of-breed: hybrid headless CMS (FirstSpirit), AI-powered personalization & experience optimization (Intelligent Content Engine), digital quality & accessibility (DQM), content-driven commerce, on-site search (SmartSearch), privacy & consent management, and more.

As the market moves in the direction of composable DXPs, our highly extensible, cloud-native approach, best-of-breed tools, and focus on exceptional usability and time-to-value for both Marketing and IT, is ready to help you achieve your digital goals.

Being a global company now - united under one brand name - has huge advantages, including a greatly expanded product portfolio at your disposal, enhanced professional services, a larger and stronger partner network and globally standardized process.

Above all, it will enable us to further boost investment in the FirstSpirit CMS, to provide you and your customers the greatest possible digital advantage.

We are excited about this development, and partnering with you on this journey towards our joint success.

Read on to learn more about the benefits, together with important information about the merger of e-Spirit and Crownpeak.

We will keep you posted on the name change, and the major benefits to your products and services coming soon.

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FAQ for Customers and Partners

How will the rebrand affect me?

With the rebrand, we want to reassure our European customers and partners that:

  • We remain a 100% German/European company
  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • Will continue to host 100% of the data for every European customer in the EU.

Currently there are no actions for you to take in respect of this change.

Why was e-Spirit renamed to Crownpeak?

Becoming a global DXP vendor - with the FirstSpirit CMS at its core - creates significant added value for marketers, developers, and IT specialists alike, and enables us to support your entire organization on its path to digital transformation.

Leveraging our combined resources, our ambition is to become the solution of choice for mid-sized companies through to global enterprise organizations.

Supporting our customers through ease of use and speed of implementation has always been core our focus. Now, as part of the Crownpeak organization, our aim is to truly lead the market as the easiest to use, orchestrate and optimize DXP solution available.

How does it affect my products? What are the benefits to me?

The merger brings our joint customers access to an expanded set of best-of-breed tools and expertise, enabling the creation and orchestratration of compelling digital experiences across all channels.

e-Spirit products will continue to be at the heart of our expanded, composable offering, and will be joined by market-leading products from the Crownpeak portfolio.

Major advantages for customers and partners:

FirstSpirit as central DXP component for content management

In the new Crownpeak Digital Experience Platform, FirstSpirit is the central Content Management System (CMS) for all existing FirstSpirit customers and new customers, worldwide.

Global Support & Service

Our ambition is to provide best-in-class support and service to all our customers and partners worldwide. We will start by merging the e-Spirit and Crownpeak support teams and processes to expand and improve our global 24/7 support service. Also, look to see improved support and marketing communications coming shortly.

New customer support portal

As part of our improved global offering, we are also launching a new customer support portal with enhanced information and services. More information coming soon!

Further advantages

  • e-Spirit's SmartSearch is the onsite search solution of choice for all customers worldwide.
  • e-Spirit's Intelligent Content Engine is the personalization solution of choice for all customers worldwide.
  • Partners and customers also benefit from access to additional products from our combined portfolio, such as our Digital Quality and Accessibility Management solution which will support our European customers by helping them compliy with the requirements of the European Accessibility Act (EAA).
  • New Crownpeak.com company website - Watch out for a brand new company website coming soon
  • We will formally launch in the Global Customer and Partner Community during the second half of this year. We will inform you about this change with more details soon.

New Email Addresses

With the rebrand to Crownpeak, all e-Spirit employees have been provided with new email addresses as of August 1. You can now reach us at the new email addresses, which all follow the pattern below: firstname.lastname@crownpeak.com.

However, you can still reach us at our old e-Spirit e-mail addresses. Emails to these addresses will be automatically forwarded to the new Crownpeak addresses.

Do you have any questions about the renaming?

Feel free to contact your respective Customer Success Manager or our Partner Management Team.