The TranslationStudio module for FirstSpirit allows professional and cost-optimised translations to be produced for global companies.

Increased efficiency in the editing process

TranslationStudio combines FirstSpirit with the translation memory system (TMS) of your choice and provides an easy means of translating content into your required target languages and publishing it.

By using the TranslationStudio module, editors can conveniently and directly highlight the content selected for translation in the FirstSpirit editing system and forward it to TranslationStudio for translation. The module manages everything else. As soon as the translation has been completed in the TMS, either the system takes over the content directly or the editor moves the content to FirstSpirit at the push of a button (depending on the configuration) and publishes this content as part of the specified editing process. The TranslationStudio module is designed to present individual pages or complete projects for translation, thus providing optimal support for companies in rolling out additional country or language variant projects.

Cost optimisation and timing control

TranslationStudio allows companies to report on their translations and perform them in a cost-effective manner. The module collects translation assignments until a previously configured number or time period is reached, to ensure an optimal workload for the translator. Alternatively, prioritised translation is also possible at any stage. Depending on the TMS used, the translation assignment can be allocated an individual completion deadline.

Language variant support

Companies operating in different countries are familiar with the following problems: Although the German and Austrian country websites are the same in terms of content, the choice of words differs in some respects. Or maybe your translation office only translates in a certain sequence, for example from German to English to Spanish. Both instances not only require a professional translator, but also technical assistance. TranslationStudio helps you control translation management. Configure source and target languages for translation with a simple mouse click.

Improved quality through context previews

Content is only good if it is in the right context. This also applies to a translation or the performance of the translator. To ensure the quality of a translation, TranslationStudio provides a context preview of the text to be translated. To do this, TranslationStudio creates an HTML or PDF version of the original page to be translated and transfers this version, together with the text to be translated, to the translation memory system used.

Use the translation memory system of your choice

TranslationStudio is designed and developed in such a way that it can be combined with different translation memory systems. The module consists of two components, the basic module and the TMS connector, which is optionally available and forms the interface to the four translation memory systems currently supported. Irrespective of whether you are using one of the large enterprise systems, such as Trados or Across, or whether you prefer cloud-based solutions, like market lingoking or, TranslationStudio is supplied with the interface you require.

TranslationStudio Workflows