XML Sitemap Generator

CMS module for automatic sitemap creation

Indexing for search engines on the basis of the sitemap protocol

In oder to increase the topicalty of website search hits and to save resources in the technical optimization TWT Interactive created the “FirstSpirit™ XML Sitemap Generator”. The new module generates regularly up to date XML sitemap data files and enables a wholistic website detection through the search engine.

The XML Sitemap Generator will be delivered as standard module for FirstSpirit and can easily be integrated. Already existing field information make the employment fast und easy.

Optimized PageRank and an up to date Sitemap

With the XML Sitemap Generator you can easily and without previous knowledge perform comprehensive search engine optimizations on your website. With the automatic generation of the XML sitemap data files the indexing of your page will be improved significantly and you will more easily reach a top placement in the page ranking of the big search engines. Additionally you will receive a better overview of your websites and its sections.

Your benefits

  • Wholistic, up to date detection through search engine optimization of start and index page URLs
  • Simplification of indexing for search engines on the basis of the sitemap protocol
  • Automatic generation of current sitemaps
  • Additonal support with generation of news sitemaps
  • Fast and easy implementation
  • Suitable for existing and new websites
  • Suitable for multilingual web presences

Module functions

  • Creation of XML sitemap data files
  • Creation of news XML sitemap data files
  • Creation of sitemaps for website sections
  • Automatic generation of index files
  • Breakdown & compression

TWT XML Sitemap Generator - Configuration