e-Spirit Included in Recent Research Report Now Tech: Agile Content Management Systems, Q1 2020

e-Spirit Hybrid CMS also named to KMWorld's 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management 2020 for providing engaging omnichannel experiences that turn customers into lifelong fans

e-Spirit, maker of the industry-leading FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform (DXP) powered by a hybrid CMS, has been included in a new Forrester Research report, “Now Tech: Agile Content Management Systems, Q1 2020”. This, and other reports and media including e-Spirit such as the just released KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management 2020, underlines the value that agile hybrid CMS technology offers to companies that are focused on providing engaging omnichannel customer experiences.

Whether called Agile CMS or hybrid headless, e-Spirit’s growth and industry recognition reflects the need for companies to deliver content-driven experiences that increase engagement and time to value. e-Spirit’s next-generation hybrid CMS--FirstSpirit--is being used by customers to simplify how companies engage with their customers. New features such as Touchpoint Editing, Smart Dashboards and Fragment Creator are all designed to improve the customer experience by allowing marketers to easily edit content and drive marketing campaigns. FirstSpirit provides customers with an unmatched multi-experience that seamlessly integrates multiple customer touchpoints in a way that is unrivaled across the industry.

According to e-Spirit partner Manoj Bubna, CEO of Nvizion Solutions, “The FirstSpirit Hybrid CMS enables all content to be made available via a Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) interface via the cloud simply, quickly and flexibly--no matter where it is needed and completely independent of applications, formats or layouts. Even the integration of AI concepts is possible. From our perspective, this is the content management of the future.”

Hybrid CMS Delivers Personalized Content

Across today’s highly competitive markets, companies are looking for ways to leverage technology solutions that reduce time-to-market, generate revenue faster and secure customer loyalty. Using hybrid CMS technology allows marketers to easily deliver personalized content to customers and design campaigns that lead customers to take action. Working in a cloud-based environment, FirstSpirit provides immediate value to customers by delivering targeted content to customers including:

  • Creating more content-driven and personalized experiences—“We chose FirstSpirit to enable rapid execution of our mobile-first digital experience strategy at a global level across 70 countries and in 30 languages. FirstSpirit DXP is easy to use and helps our global marketing teams deliver personalized digital experiences to our customers very quickly,” said Sabine Stadelmann, Digital Marketing Communications, at Julius Blum GmbH.
  • Delivering targeted content to customers—“We work with many brands within our company, and all of the brands have different rules for creating content. We wanted to give the brands themselves more power over what kind of content they could upload to their own websites,” said Maho Takahashi, Manager for Digital Business Development Division within the e-commerce operational subsidiary of TSI Holdings.

“We are proud of the fact that FirstSpirit continues to be recognized by analysts,” said Udo Sträßer, chief revenue officer, e-Spirit. “Our best-of-breed, cloud-based technology is designed to deliver immediate value to companies that want to turn their customers into lifelong fans. We work closely with partners like ASAR America, Dunn Solutions, PixelMEDIA, Royal Cyber and others to deliver quality solutions to customers that provide a strong ROI. In 2020, we have already delivered the new Hybrid CMS Experience Accelerator and continue to develop new technologies that help our customers achieve faster time to value.”


Heidi Unruh
VP Marketing North America