e-Spirit Debuts Next Generation Hybrid CMS

Empowers marketers to deliver hyper-personalized experiences, anytime, anywhere and in any digital experience ecosystem

e-Spirit Inc., maker of the FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform (DXP), today introduced the next generation of the platform’s hybrid content management system (CMS) which accelerates the delivery of hyper-personalized content to any channel, anytime, anywhere and with unprecedented ease and scale. Companies no longer need to choose between a headless CMS or an enterprise-class coupled or decoupled CMS since e-Spirit’s hybrid CMS offers the best of both of these worlds.

In today’s experience economy, the CMS plays a central role in ensuring individualized digital experiences along a customer journey that is highly fragmented across channels, devices, locations and time. The FirstSpirit hybrid CMS helps business users thrive in the face of these complex challenges to deliver hyper-personalized content to their customers with unprecedented ease, scale, and agility. It’s the next generation of content management, combining the benefits of a modern headless architecture—high agility and fast time-to-market with the ability to easily expand to new touchpoints—plus the power and ease of use of enterprise-class content management.

Capabilities in this next-generation hybrid CMS include:

  • Touchpoint Editing: Marketers can preview and edit content in the context of any channel easily and intuitively—without the need for a complex CMS integration by IT—giving them complete control for delivery of highly individualized customer experiences at every touchpoint.
  • Smart Dashboards: FirstSpirit’s Smart Dashboards give marketers easy access to all content-relevant KPIs in one central location, making it simple to orchestrate intelligence-driven campaigns across sites, languages and channels for high impact results.
  • FragmentCreator: Critical to omnichannel personalization, the FragmentCreator UI helps marketers create content fragments that can be pulled to any channel or web page and reassembled for the perfect digital experience—with ease and without IT involvement.
  • FirstSpirit Experience Accelerator: Shorten implementation time significantly with a ready-to-go progressive web application (PWA) that can be used as a blueprint for custom mobile-first websites and apps. More than a reference implementation, the FirstSpirit Experience Accelerator is a fully maintained product.
  • MicroApps Framework: e-Spirit has developed a unique architectural framework that serves as the building blocks for many of the new capabilities offered in our next generation hybrid CMS. Think of it as our secret sauce.

“The concept of headless content management is fundamental to digital experiences. However, to address the growing customer demands for better experiences, hybrid headless content as a service (CaaS) is a more-effective approach.” Gartner, Hybrid Headless Content as a Service Is the Future of Digital Experiences, Published 21 October 2019

“Other vendors focus exclusively on headless CMS capabilities or still offer old-school content management via monolithic, rigid UIs. We are the only vendor with a platform offering the best of both of these worlds, making the full, fragmented customer journey manageable for marketing and IT professionals alike,” said Andreas Knoor, chief product officer and e-Spirit board member. “FirstSpirit is truly the hybrid CMS of the future.”

“We’re very proud to bring this next generation hybrid content management solution to the market,” said Udo Straesser, chief revenue officer and e-Spirit board member. “The FirstSpirit hybrid CMS will help marketers to finally deliver the experiences their customers crave wherever they may be, on any channel, in any language and at every stage of the customer journey. It’s the holy grail of digital experience realized. And it’s how we help companies turn their customers into lifelong fans.”


Heidi Unruh
VP Marketing North America