e-Spirit and Cloudinary Partner on Digital Asset Management to Deliver Inspirational Experiences

e-Spirit and Cloudinary Partner on Digital Asset Management to Deliver Inspirational Experiences

New partnership empowers FirstSpirit customers to realize the full value of their digital media assets for experiences that inspire customers to action

e-Spirit, maker of the FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and Cloudinary, the end-to-end media management platform for many of the world’s top brands, are partnering to make it easier for marketers and brand managers to deliver optimized rich media across all channels for deeper customer engagement, increased ARPU and sales.

Today, leading marketers differentiate their brands with digital experiences to meet evolving customer expectations. This new partnership, including e-Spirit’s FirstSpirit hybrid content management system (CMS) and Cloudinary’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, will make it easier for companies to realize the full value of their media assets, including images, and videos, to boost engagement on any channel and achieve a competitive edge. Mutual customers will be able to manipulate and optimize Cloudinary assets in real time from within the FirstSpirit CMS user interface while delivering optimal end-user experiences from browser to device. The joint solution is a perfect fit for companies looking to incorporate cloud-based solutions into their existing digital experience ecosystems and simplify the management and delivery of these business-critical rich media assets.

By aligning FirstSpirit hybrid CMS with Cloudinary’s DAM platform, brands can:

  • Use rich media to build inspiring digital experiences on any channel that accelerates the path to purchase.
  • Streamline the media asset creation to delivery process for faster time to value.
  • Rapidly upload, drag and drop digital assets from any external source into the Cloudinary media library right from within the FirstSpirit UI.
  • Automatically tag media assets using AI-powered content analytics for simplified image searching and browsing.
  • Leverage advanced search features with any combination of attributes and filters, including asset type, size, color, tags, and metadata.
  • Quickly manipulate images and videos using simple controls, and easily apply enhancements, filters and effects to optimize media performance.
  • Leverage powerful cloud-based DAM/CMS technologies that integrate easily with other tools in their digital experience ecosystem.

“We’re pleased to be partnering with e-Spirit. Brands understand the importance of delivering rich media experiences on every channel and device but they struggle to manage what’s required to deliver them at the speed and volumes needed to succeed,” said Kobi Schwarts, Director of Business Development, Cloudinary. “Together, we’re making it exponentially easier for businesses to create and manage dynamic media assets that can be used across all channels to greatly improve digital experiences, boost customer engagement and increase revenues.”

“There is an opportunity for businesses tackling the challenge of digital complexity to reinvent their digital ecosystems and leapfrog their competition by harnessing the power of visual and interactive experiences,” said Udo Sträßer, chief revenue officer, e-Spirit. “We chose Cloudinary because our cloud-based CMS and DAM systems work in harmony, eliminating digital complexity and helping brands increase engagement using rich media assets and content that inspire customers to action.”