e-Spirit Introduces FirstSpirit Starter Package for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

e-Spirit Introduces FirstSpirit Starter Package for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

1st Starter Package customer TSI Holdings launches two e-commerce sites in six weeks for record time-to-market and increased revenues

e-Spirit Inc., maker of the FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform, today introduced the FirstSpirit Starter Package for Salesforce Commerce Cloud which helps e-commerce companies create content-rich online stores with lightning speed thanks to FirstSpirit’s CMS, AI-driven personalization and omnichannel marketing capabilities, as well as its certified Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration. e-Spirit customer TSI Holdings (TSI), Japan’s largest online retailer based in Tokyo which manages a portfolio of 34+ apparel brands, launched two e-commerce websites in a record six weeks using the FirstSpirit Starter Package.

"We made a wise choice in selecting FirstSpirit and are very pleased with the results to date," said Matahiro Kashiwagi, chief digital officer at TSI Holdings. "We were able to launch our HUMANWOMAN and Margaret Howell brands in half the time expected using the Starter Package, surprising everyone. For a multi-brand apparel company, time-to-market is critical. We’ve seen several early productivity increases: content editors now create content 2.5x faster and update site content 1.5x faster for increased time to market thanks to consolidated workflows and overall ease of use. FirstSpirit has exceeded our expectations in every way.”

FirstSpirit’s Starter Package for Salesforce Commerce Cloud makes drawn-out implementations, blown deadlines and cost overruns a thing of the past. Content-driven commerce sites can be launched in one to two days so companies can start delivering the shopping experiences customers demand for an e-commerce edge. Customers can:

  • Accelerate time to market and eliminate the risk of delays by enhancing your existing e-commerce shop with rich content, or creating a new turnkey shop that goes live in two days.
  • Jumpstart website projects with a highly-customizable template—no FirstSpirit knowledge required.
  • Save as much as $50-$100K on implementation costs for greater ROI.
  • Get everything needed to deliver content-driven commerce experiences right out of the box.
  • Create and manage commerce content (including content from PIMs, DAMs, etc) from one easy to use, centralized user interface—no coding required!
  • Leverage pre-built, ready-to-use CMS capabilities such as content modules, photo galleries, shoppable videos, campaign management and blogs.
  • Get enterprise-class content management and customer experience features for an e-commerce edge.

“The strong partnership and tight integration we have with Salesforce is ultimately what enabled us to deliver a content-driven commerce solution with the unparalleled speed and ease of use offered by the FirstSpirit Starter Package for Salesforce Commerce Cloud,” said Udo Sträßer, Chief Revenue Officer of e-Spirit. “Retailers can now master the challenges associated with multi-brand and multi-channel content distribution while delivering exceptional commerce experiences that compel customers to action without having to suffer through revenue sapping implementations.”