Research in Action Names e-Spirit “Market Leader” in its Vendor Selection Matrix for Web Experience Management

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by Heidi Unruh

Company’s today face stiff global competition making buying the right digital experience platform--one that delivers personalized digital experiences to customers in real time on any channel--critically important. Research in Action recently released its new 2019 Vendor Selection Matrix for Web Experience Management to help inform buyers and make purchasing the right DXP a little simpler. The report identifies the top 20 global vendors, and we’re very pleased to announce that e-Spirit has been named a “Market Leader” in the report for its FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform and hybrid (headless+) CMS.

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First, let’s define what is meant by DXP

The truth is that if you ask 10 people “What is a DXP?”, you’ll likely get 10 different answers. This blog post What is a Digital Experience Platform and Why You Should Care tells you everything you need to know on the subject.

Here’s a quick summary of Research in Action’s definition of a DXP:

What it takes to be considered a “Market Leader”

Each year, these leading analyst firms conduct research to determine the leading web content management and web experience management vendors. It’s a laborious process that involves comprehensive analysis of DXP and CMS vendors, looking at how well vendors are executing against their strategy and how well they are performing against the analysts market views, as stated above. It also involves interviewing vendors and their customers, seeing product demonstrations, as well as getting a heat map of where market demand is coming from--eg, which vendors do analyst customers ask about most? In short, analysts do the due diligence work for you, eliminating some of the risks associated with making technology purchase decisions. Ever heard the phrase “Nobody gets fired for buying IBM”? Picking a market leader is a good way to future-proof your job, not just your digital experience ecosystem.

The Research in Action report which names e-Spirit a “Market Leader” is based on data collected in Q4 of 2018 and Q1 of 2019, covering 1,500 business and IT managers across North America, Europe and Asia. The report identifies key traits digital technology leaders exhibit for delivering immersive digital experiences, including:

  • Top three investment areas: migration to SaaS platform, implementation of Headless CMS system, and a mobile first strategy.
  • Top three digital channels of emphasis: point-of-sale devices, kiosks, and video screens.
  • Top three priorities when considering a Web Content Management System: solution fit to customer requirements, local/regional support, and SaaS platform.

Here are the specific reasons Research in Action Named e-Spirit a web experience management Market Leader:

The FirstSpirit DXP and hybrid CMS offers considerably more benefits than listed above, all of which contribute to giving our customers a digital experience edge over the competition:

  • AGILITY--Rapid Deployment and Innovation. e-Spirit’s FirstSpirit DXP has proven integrations for faster time to value in any ecosystem or channel with our flexible microservices architecture, 20 year hybrid headless, and head-optional CMS, and API-driven interoperability. Customers can accelerate deployment using start-up packages and our Cloud native platform for faster content creation and delivery. (and headless enables continued agility for the future)
  • EMPOWERMENT--An empowered organization. FirstSpirit’s legendary ease of use and usability for non technical and technical staff means you get up to speed quicker, and work more intuitively, faster and smarter. Examples include:
    • Omnichannel Manager (OCM) (in-context editing and on-demand UI), enabling management of content on any channel, with both view AND edit capabilities.
    • The ease of adding experience to digital commerce environments at a global level.
  • INTELLIGENCE--A Smart, Data-Driven DX Solution. You can use our AI-powered personalization, A/B testing, predictive analytics, and optimized automation to deliver contextualized omnichannel experiences at scale for greater engagement and revenue.

We consider Research in Action’s report as continued validation of our ability to bring market leading digital experience and web content management solutions such as the FirstSpirit DXP to market. And that is supported by our growing list of customers, including international brands and corporations such as L’Oréal, Lancôme, Commerzbank, BASF, Bosch, Belk, Grohe, Urban Decay, Olympus, Santander Bank, Carter’s, Sterling Jewelers, TSI Holdings and many others.

We’d like to thank Research in Action for its recognition of e-Spirit as a Market Leader in the Web Experience Management space.

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