Research in Action Ranks FirstSpirit DXP as Leader in Vendor Selection Matrix for DX Management

CMS Headless and Hybrid CMS Marketing
by Michael Gerard

Research in Action’s 2021 Vendor Selection Matrix for Digital Experience Management is out and e-Spirit’s FirstSpirit DXP is the highest rated vendor in the report’s Recommendation Index table, as well as a #2 ranking among all qualified software vendors as a Market Leader. Achieving such a high ranking from an analyst firm means a lot. But this accolade means even more because it is based on input from 1,500 global executives. That means that our customers – the real users out there on the front lines of marketing and content management — are singing our praises. We love the sound of that tune.

As Peter O’Neill of Research in Action indicates, “the Vendor Selection Matrix™ is a primarily survey-based methodology for vendor evaluation where 62.5 % of the evaluation is based on a survey of enterprise, marketing or business decision makers and 37.5 % on the analyst’s opinion. The analyst’s input is fed by a combination of intensive interviews with software or services vendors and their clients, plus my informed, independent point-of-view as an analyst. All of this combines to make Research in Action Vendor Selection Matrix™ reports so unique. This approach is one of the key differentiators of Research In Action in market research. For this report we interviewed 1,500 marketing and business managers with budget responsibility in enterprises globally. We selected those vendors which achieved the best evaluations scores from the buyers but disregarded those with fewer than 15 evaluations.”

Of course, we believe FirstSpirit DXP delivers on the promise of a hybrid headless CMS better than any other vendor – enabling customers to more easily create and deliver personalized content and digital experiences in record time – but it’s particularly gratifying to hear that FirstSpirit DXP turns customers into lifelong fans and has a positive impact on their bottom line.

So while we’re basking in the glow, let’s take a look at what some of our customers have to say about us:

While our technology has been praised by analysts and end-users alike, the key to the success of FirstSpirit DXP lies in its ability to help companies deliver content-driven digital experiences for B2B or B2C, across any vertical and in commerce or non-commerce use cases to engage, inspire and convert buyers.

Top 20 Global Digital Experience Management Vendors in Research in Action's 2021 Vendor Selection Matrix.

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What does that really mean? Well, customers want great experiences. When they engage with a brand, they want to be able to quickly and easily find the products and information they’re looking for, but they also want some wow-factor, like compelling visuals, captivating photos, videos and illustrations that immerse them in the brand’s world.

Likewise, business users for those brands, the folks working behind the scenes with those martech applications and ecommerce platforms, want great experiences too. They want their CMS to enable them to easily access and get creative with the content, compelling visuals and other elements that make for great customer experiences – without having to call the IT department at every turn.

The FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform makes it easy and fast for business users – all on their own – to deploy content and campaigns that engage with customers and turn them into lifelong fans. And that’s how we turn our customers into lifelong fans.

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Michael is responsible for e-Spirit's global marketing strategy. He has 15+ years of marketing and sales experience in SaaS companies, and has written about many topics across technology, marketing strategy and other marketing-related areas.

Michael Gerard
Chief Marketing Officer