TSI Holdings Masters Multi-Channel e-Commerce Experience for Dramatic ROI

Omnichannel CMS Marketing
by Heidi Unruh

In the fiercely competitive world of online retail, your e-commerce site can make you or break you. It’s never been more important to get it right than at this moment -- your ability to compete is at stake. There are a common set of challenges and barriers you may be facing to deliver the rich commerce experiences customers expect, including:

  • Revenue, returning customers, average purchase price, time on the site… are all trending down
  • You need to build closer relationships with your customers
  • Omnichannel capabilities are preventing barrier-free shopping experiences
  • You don’t have the right systems in place
  • It’s difficult for marketers, content authors, editors and approvers to develop and manage content on your commerce pages, hurting productivity and time to value
  • You’ve been using a commerce solution but haven’t been able to engage customers in a personalized manner
  • Your time to market is too slow

That’s a lot of hurdles to jump over. And time is of the essence making getting a new solution implemented and up and running with rich content critical. For TSI Holdings, Japan’s largest online retailer, two e-commerce websites needed to be up and running quickly to assure its 34+ apparel brands got visibility and sales before potential customers clicked on competitors’ websites.

How to Create a Dynamic E-Commerce Site with FirstSpirit and Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Creating e-commerce sites in the usual way would have meant pulling internal tech employees away from other jobs or having the project wait in the queue, as a Salesforce survey indicates. TSI Holdings opted for something new: the FirstSpirit Starter Package for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The process took only six weeks to get the two sites up, fully ready for customers and without requiring deep expenditures of personnel and their time.

"We made a wise choice in selecting FirstSpirit and are very pleased with the results to date," said Matahiro Kashiwagi, chief digital officer at TSI Holdings. "We were able to launch our HUMANWOMAN and Margaret Howell brands in half the time expected using the Starter Package.” TSI also owns Stussy, Callaway Apparel, Jill Stuart and Diane von Furstenburg brands, among many others.

With such a broad array of brands, TSI needed to ease the flow of an equally wide range of content onto the two websites, side-stepping any tech bottlenecks. Content creation was completed much quicker than TSI had experienced in the past. Kashiwagi said the FirstSpirit Starter Package stepped up the process by two and a half times because editors could create and upload content without need for tech support. Additionally, the sites could up be updated 50 percent faster thanks to consolidated workflows that were also a snap to use.

Final Thoughts

For a multi-brand apparel company, when time-to-market is critical, speed and efficiency – and ease of use – are more than a nice to have. The FirstSpirit Starter Package for Salesforce Commerce Cloud handled it all, saving TSI Holdings time and money.

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