Digital Experience Ecosystem: Healthy or Not?

by Heidi Unruh

As Gartner says, “experience is the new competitive battleground”. And ground zero of this competitive battleground is the technology that marketers use to enable the digital experience. We call this set of technologies the Digital Experience (DX) Ecosystem. A DX ecosystem is the core set of enterprise-class capabilities you must have to satisfy digital experience requirements. Core capabilities include (but are not limited to): analytics, content management (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM), customer data management, digital asset management (DAM), e-commerce, marketing automation management, personalization, translation and localization.

Why is your DX ecosystem so important?

“Customers are the new market-makers, reshaping industries and changing how businesses compete and win. Success depends on how well and how fast you respond”.

Forrester Research

How well and how fast you respond to customers depends on your DX ecosystem. To be truly future ready, your DX ecosystem must be able to deliver real-time, personalized digital experiences anytime, anywhere. It must be agile giving you the ability to pivot with the speed of the market, respond quickly to evolving customer experience demands, and capitalize on new channels as they evolve. It must be interoperable, ensuring that you can access data housed in many data silos for a holistic view of customers so you can intelligently target them. And it must have enterprise-class capabilities to deliver digital experiences that compel customers to action.

Want to learn if your DX ecosystem is able to support customer journey demands today, as well as in the future? We’ve just launched a new assessment tool that will help you do just that. Take this short, five minute assessment and measure the health of your DX ecosystem. Participants will instantly get:

  • A detailed report with an overall score indicating the health of your DX ecosystem.
  • Detailed scores and recommendations for improvement on a number of key criteria.
  • The ability to compare your results with the average participant results to see how you measure up.
  • Recommendations to prepare for the interconnectedness of everything, to deliver real-time personalized experiences, to respond quickly to disruptive technology trends, and to ensure future success.

You will also be given a free copy of a white paper to be published in January 2018 that analyzes and interprets the results of this assessment, and an invite to a webinar that summarizes the findings. And last but not least, if you take the assessment you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win iPad Pro worth $1000!

Assess the health of your digital experience ecosystem

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