Welcome to Content Unlocked!

A recurring theme we find with many e-Spirit customers centers on content. Specifically, because our FirstSpirit CMS makes it so easy for non-technical people to update and publish content on the Web, websites become much more active and vibrant. With new and fresh content on tap, Web visitors keep coming back for more. In other words, unlocking content is vital to success on the Web.

Given the importance of content to online success, we believe that it is only appropriate to start a blog named Content Unlocked. This blog will be a team effort by many folks in the e-Spirit community, including marketers such as myself, members of our technical team, our executives, partners and even industry experts and guests.

Topics will run the gamut from product and company news to commentary and insights on industry trends. Of course we’ll also be sharing information about the incredible success enjoyed by users who have unlocked their content. While e-Spirit will be among the topics, we will also take a broader view so that this blog is a relevant and interesting place for anyone who’s interested in range of content management topics including portals, e-commerce, digital marketing and customer experience management.

Since this the social era, we also hope that you will add your voice to the conversation. Feedback from our readers will be critical to ensuring that we explore subjects of interest to each of you. We will do our best to stay engaged and respond to questions and comments in a timely way.

Like nearly all things technology related, change is a constant. In the CMS space new mobile devices, cloud, social media and rising expectations for a custom, personalized experience across channels place intense requirements on business and IT managers. While the future is very bright, getting to the holy grail of what the Web has to offer – and staying a step ahead of the competition – won’t be easy.

With this blog, we can hopefully make the journey more rewarding.