If “Content Is King” then “Integration Is Queen”

Earlier this week we had the pleasure of presenting a joint webinar with Forrester Research Principal Analyst Stephen Powers. The webinar – Unlock the Secrets to a Better Multichannel Web User Experience – focused on what Forrester calls the “Age of Customer Obsession.” To learn more about this topic you can click on the link on our website to download the white paper Independent Research: The Age Of Customer Obsession Has Arrived. Here are a few highlights for those of you who were not able to join us for the webinar.

When companies talk with e-Spirit about their web content management needs, one of the first questions asked is usually the age-old question about best-of-breed vs. the suite approach. Forrester breaks this question down into six areas:

  • Web Content Management (WCM)
  • Personalization and marketing automation
  • Commerce platforms
  • Customer service interaction management
  • Analytics, test, and optimization
  • On-site search

From Forrester’s perspective, many companies have some of these six areas covered but not all of the six areas. The challenge lies in the ability to integrate some or all of these six areas, particularly for those companies that already have some of these solutions and don’t want to go a whole rip-and-replace scenario. Since no one vendor offers all of these capabilities, it’s critical for companies that want to improve their Web experience to make sure that they select a vendor that has strong integration capabilities. Forrester feels that this is a key area to prioritize.

For companies that are looking to strengthen their WCM capabilities, there are five key integration points that Forrester feels should be the point of emphasis. The white paper offers a more thorough explanation of the following integration points.

  • E-commerce: customers need to feel as though they are viewing one unified website.
  • DAM: for companies that include audio and video on their website it is very important that their WCM and digital asset management (DAM) technologies integrate smoothly.
  • Analytics: tailor content based on customer preferences and behaviors.
  • CRM: like DAM, it’s very important to have strong integration between the customer relationship management (CRM) and WCM platforms.
  • Portal: strive for a more cohesive experience for content authors and editors with such capabilities as single sign-on and common user interface.

To learn more about how e-Spirit technology helps tackle these customer obsession and integration issues, please join us on Wednesday, March 13 at 12 pm ET for a webinar titled Highlights of FirstSpirit CMS. In this webinar we will discuss FirstSpirit 5 with an emphasis on the AppCenter, integration, and multichannel capabilities.