Why did we call our blog ‘Content Unlocked’?

The naming process for a new blog is always an interesting endeavor. What to call it? What blog name would truly represent our company, our products, and make our brand come to life? What catchy phrase would capture the hearts and minds of our customers and potential customers while providing educational information about how FirstSpirit software has helped our customers from around the world transform their portals, e-commerce sites and online marketing programs into communication-inspiring, efficiency-empowering, multi-site-conquering, brand-building, sales-driving things of beauty?

What blog name would inspire our employees, partners, customers, analysts and the media while conquering new markets for us and catapulting our global business to new heights? What name would inspire our blog itself to make our lattes in the morning and submit our expense reports? OK, OK … maybe these were too ambitious goals for a blog but I think any of you social media aficionados can relate.

Yes, the naming of a blog can be a long and difficult process.

So, in the (e-)spirit of corporate transparency and a casual Friday-inspired desire to provide you with a behind-the-scenes peek into the inner workings of this blog, we decided that we would share a few of the name ideas that didn’t make the cut … and maybe give you a chuckle to close out your work week at the same time.

Better Web Marketing Through Content – After some consideration we decided this moniker was just too long and an obvious knock-off of “Better Living Through Chemistry” which may have created a less than flattering perception among our readers about how we spend our off hours.

Content Unplugged – This name was also briefly reviewed but we feared the constant audio accompaniment of a looping acoustical guitar riff would prove tiresome to visitors to our new blog. Or even worse, people seeking plumbers for their drain disasters would flood our comments section with pleas for help. We are good but can't help you there :-)

50 Shades of Content – While a popular idea in the initial name selection brain storming session, this did seem a tad too risqué for our blog and ultimately we decided that it would lose meaning in a few months. We still think it was funny though!

We’re very pleased that the blog name “Content Unlocked” won out because it actually reinforces what our company is all about – giving our customers freedom of choice, unlocking content in a way that makes it easily accessible anywhere across a global company landscape and breaking down those content silos.

So: Welcome to ‘Content Unlocked’! We look forward to reading your comments and our ongoing dialog with you.