Why Is Integration So Important?

Integration is a buzzword that can be overused in the technology world. However, in the Web Content Management (WCM) space, understanding integration issues can mean the difference between success and failure. Take a minute to learn about the experiences of two of our customers, Fives Group and MAN SE. In both cases these customers had to be sure that the technology could integrate easily with SAP NetWeaver portal. Both of these global companies had to address having websites in different countries with different languages,

Donwload case study Fives Group, MAN SE.

Let’s take a look at two of the key issues when deploying a company portal.

First, has your company decided what the user experience should be? With the rise in adoption of mobile devices, video, personalization and social media, people expect to be able to have a singular experience with the portal no matter what method they’re using to access the site. No matter what touch point a person may have with the portal, there should be a consistent look and feel, otherwise the company comes across as immature and not very tech savvy. As Forrester Consulting noted in a report from August 2012, “Tracking ‘the customer’ across touch points and systems, such as across e-mail campaign software, social networking, CRM and websites, is a sign of a mature organization.”

Second, when selecting an integration partner, has your company done its homework? Let’s face it, when talking about enterprise software, talk is cheap. Any vendor can make claims about their technology, but when talking about integration it’s critical that their history must be clear and honest. As Gilbane Group suggested in a report, “In the area of portal integration, vendor can convincingly talk about the art of the possible and the simiplicty of how to implement code against portlet standards. But clearly the proof is in the vendor’s track record and client success.”

Don’t underestimate the challenges associated with web portal integration. Your company’s portal and website are the window to the world and the images you project go a long way to cementing opinions about your company.