Why is the Cloud So Cool?

Everywhere you look these days in the high-tech world you will see … The Cloud. Cloud computing has come of age and has infiltrated companies’ business strategies, products, conversations, marketing campaigns and possibly even a few overworked programmers’ dreams. Almost every company has a cloud computing strategy now, and why not? If it’s cloud, it’s cool!

I just glanced at the online mastheads of four of the leading US technology publications – InformationWeek, InfoWorld, Computerworld, and eWeek – and all four have a section devoted to the Cloud. And if there’s any question that Cloud Computing is a big deal take a look at this graphic:

But here’s where it gets interesting. Cloud computing is more or less defined as the use of computing resources that are delivered as a service over a network (typically the Internet). But isn’t it just the same old place that we’ve all grown to know and love over the years … The Web? In the battle of the metaphors, it appears that The Cloud had some good PR going for it and The Web, well, not so much. A “cloud computing strategy” sounds so much cooler than just a new business strategy and a “cloud startup company” sounds so much cooler than a “web start-up company.”

The good news is that some great solutions are being offered to customers (and you can connect to them using the FirstSpirit AppCenter) and whether these software solutions are labeled Web or the Cloud it doesn’t really matter what buzz word you use. The cloud is here to stay (and the Web too for that matter).

What do you think? Does the cloud mean something to you or is it high-tech hype run amok?