Think global and local: CMS allows for content consistency and easy localization

Companies serving a diverse, multilingual audience face a quandary: making sure content, brand and image are consistently presented on their websites and portals while giving their regional offices the power to localize content for audiences that differ in language and culture. With a robust content management system like FirstSpirit, website content that conforms to predefined templates can be offered in multiple languages. This means a company’s regional offices can easily tailor content for their users without turning to IT staff at the home office.

Two e-Spirit customers, Geberit and Hamburg Süd have created Web presences for vastly different customers and are excellent examples of companies that have solved the “going global” dilemma. Both offer websites that serve customers, communicate their services and draw visitors with interesting content, including multimedia.

Geberit is a 125-year-old manufacturer and supplier of commercial and residential plumbing installations. Headquartered in Switzerland, Geberit has localized websites in each of the 41 countries in which it operates. With a focus on three target audiences—plumbing contractors, architects and DIY homeowners—Geberit has a tall order to fill in keeping content that includes installation videos and worldwide sales campaigns interesting and useful. The site also lists products, distributors and media reports on sustainability, among other news.

Hamburg Süd, one of the world’s largest shipping companies, has 142 years of rich history but is firmly entrenched in the modern world. Its website, with clickable English, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese language sites in addition to its original German, has a number of features for both casual visitors and customers. A “track and trace” link locates shipments and a carbon footprint calculator allows customers to easily figure out the energy usage and carbon emissions of their shipments. On the ecommerce side, customers can fill out bill of lading forms and schedule shipments.

While the two companies offer vastly different services and products, their needs were easily fulfilled with the FirstSpirit CMS. Editors for both companies are now able to create and reuse content, saving money and keeping their messages consistent throughout the sites. Both companies have a central CMS for their global Internet sites that keep track of content for audiences whose languages and interests the local offices know best but are free to individually tailor.

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