Join forces with e-Spirit as one of our North American partners

Like raising a child, implementing a CMS solution takes a village. In the world of content management systems, that village includes media agencies, integration partners, technology partners, hosting partners and resellers – all of whom must work together to achieve success for each other and for our mutual customers.

The starting point for any Web project, be it a corporate website, intranet or extranet is, of course, the CMS itself. On that point, we’re confident that FirstSpirit is truly best of breed. But when it comes to joining forces with a CMS provider such as e-Spirit, there is much more to a successful relationship than just the technology.

While e-Spirit is relatively new to the North American market, we have a long 14-year track record of success with dozens of partners internationally. The reason for our success is that we work in concert with our partner, not in competition. We work hard to identify the right partners in the right geographies and to minimize areas of potential conflict or overlap. We then deliver the right mix of training, technical support, marketing and sales expertise to help you win deals and complete projects.

Another important point is that the FirstSpirit CMS offers capabilities and differentiators – such as our best-of-breed approach, extraordinary usability, and pure Java core – that will help you stand out from the competition. If all you have is the same old, same old, chances are customers will see you the same way. With FirstSpirit, you’ll have a true USP that will help you come out on top.

So if you’re tired of battling with bureaucracy at a CMS supplier who’s too big to take you seriously, or always having to educate a vendor who too small or inexperienced, e-Spirit might be all the things you’re looking for in a CMS partner. And none of the things you’re not. We look forward to hearing from you.