Portals – Alive and Ready for an Upgrade

One of the more interesting Tweets from the Gartner PCC event in San Diego that I attended this week came across from Gartner Research Director Jim Murphy (@jimlmurph):

After talking to many intranet and portals managers at the event, I can assure you that portals are alive and well. What was also clear is that many companies are struggling with how to make their portals easier to use, and to improve portal to CMS integration.

The stories were all over the map. In some cases, companies had home grown CMS systems that suffered from poorly documented APIs and inconsistent code bases that made integration fragile and difficult. In others, the CMS platforms were old or based on orphaned technology from the likes of Vignette and Interwoven.

In most cases, managers recognized that their portals could benefit from integration with a CMS, but they weren’t sure of the best way to implement an integrated solution without full-scale rip and replace. e-Spirit CEO Joern Bodemann addressed the topic during his presentation at the event, pointing out ways companies can modernize portals using the FirstSpirit CMS.

Unlike virtually all other CMS platforms that take an ad-hoc approach to integration, FirstSpirit offers complete portal integration solutions. Supported portals include SAP NetWeaver, Liferay, RedHat JBoss, IBM WebSphere and Microsoft SharePoint. In all cases, the integration results in a one-stop platform where users and customers can find fresh content blended together with business applications and cloud-based services.

What challenges are you facing with your company’s portal? If we missed talking to you at Gartner PCC, please drop me a line or post up in comments. It would be great to hear from you!