Why Content (Marketing) is King

Content Marketing is capturing a lot of headlines these days. I see the topic being written about in many industry magazines and websites. So why is content marketing so big right now? Whenever I think of marketing the top goal that comes to mind is to help generate sales. While that’s just my personal opinion, I believe that marketing, public relations, and partner/customer services all exist to help drive sales.

As I was reading online I came across a report co-authored by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs. The report,”B2B Content Marketing: 2013 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America”, was full of interesting statistics and insights about content marketing. Imagine my surprise when I looked at slide #10 to see that, according to the executives surveyed, the top organizational goals were brand awareness, customer acquisition, and lead generation – with sales coming in dead last.

Brand awareness came in #1? I thought that was odd but when I hear the term “brand awareness”, I think about the attributes of the brand and what the brand is known for. For instance, when I think of Nordstrom I think of high quality customer service. When I think of Mercedes, I think of reliability and durability over time.

So if my brand stands out in a positive way, how can I ensure that my company is promoting a consistent look and feel throughout all channels to reinforce that image? One way is to use Web Content Management technology to help provide consistency throughout all of your company’s marketing channels. And by that I don’t mean only the words on the website. If I were to read a piece of company collateral it should be similar to what I read in an industry article, to a campaign mailing or what I heard a company executive speak about at an industry event. Plus it’s important to make sure that pictures, infographics, and videos support the overall messaging.

So when you look at your company’s website, collaterals and campaigns do you see consistency throughout all of it? If you are the lead marketer for your company, does your WCM help drive and support brand awareness?