The Holistic Approach To Marketing

Marketing can be a tricky thing to explain. The marketing team doesn’t necessarily produce a “product”, but, for example, creates collateral for the company website. The team doesn’t generate payroll, but it does help create demand generation. Similar to the soft sciences, like psychology or sociology, marketing is often viewed as a loosely defined, subjective practice. Which of course it isn't or at least shouldn't be.

And the importance of Marketing continues to grow and one of the main reasons is that marketers now have a wider variety of outlets to reach their target audiences. We call this multi-channel marketing and it’s having a big impact on how executives lay out their marketing strategies. No longer do marketing executives simply plan a direct mail or e-mail campaign to reach their customers. Multiple avenues to reach the customer are now being tapped and one of the biggest is mobile marketing. Why is that? Simply put, the growth of handheld devices and smartphones has grown at an incredible rate throughout the world. And just how big has the mobile marketing sector become? As noted in KM World, research firm eMarketer revealed that enterprises spent $4.1 billion on mobile marketing in 2012.

For those who manage company websites and portals it’s important to realize that marketing must be seen as a holistic process. One-off marketing campaigns generally don’t succeed, or don’t produce the same results as multi-channel marketing can. Marketing strategies must take into account how all channels can be leveraged for a campaign. Website, hard-copy collateral, mobile, and direct mail are just some examples of the various avenues that marketers have to reach their intended audience.

Building a multi-channel marketing campaign may be challenging, but one way to simplify this process is to tap into a powerful and easy-to use Content Management System. For companies like Geberit AG, Hamburg Süd, and Speedo, this proved to be a huge benefit.

Download case studies: Geberit AG, Hamburg Süd, Speedo.

The bottom line is that any marketing executive can easily ensure themselves a place at the executive dinner table by leverage a strong CMS and taking a holistic view of how to reach your customers.