When It Comes To Content, Don’t Simply Throw Darts At The Dartboard

I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had about social media. Some people thinks it’s a great avenue to connect with customers, others think it’s a waste of time and cuts down on employee productivity. I personally think it’s a great way to connect with people but it needs to be done the right way. Wanting to jump onto the social media bandwagon is all well and good, but where I see companies making a big mistake is when they think that having a corporate Facebook or Twitter account is all that’s needed. Worse yet are the people who don’t want to understand that posting page after page of content on social media channels without having developed a content marketing strategy is not helping them to engage potential customers.

How important is content marketing in todays Marketing mix? Well, the Content Marketing Institute recently published an article titled “34 Essential Research Reports for More Effective Content Marketing”. That’s right…there are 34 reports available just on the topic of content marketing and that’s only the ones that are deemed essential.

So why the big push for content marketing? The content that is shared on a company website and social media channels must be appealing to the eye, informative, and offer value to the reader. But company executives who simply believe that posting a continuous stream of new information is a strategy are simply wrong. Successful marketing executives are the ones who understand that content cannot be created in a vacuum and a well thought out content marketing strategy can mean the difference between success and failure.

My advice is don’t overlook the obvious when creating and sharing content. Your company’s content needs to grab your customer’s attention, keep them interested, and demonstrate that you understand the issues of today and have an idea about what’s coming up tomorrow. Regardless of which channel you use, you must remember that this is one of the few opportunities you have to leave an impression on your customer. And let’s face it, those opportunities are usually one time opportunities that shouldn’t be wasted.