JBoss Portal Platform and FirstSpirit CMS deliver agility and high impact

In reading through the Red Hat JBoss Portal datasheet you’ll come across a great summary statement:

“If your organization needs a simple-to-integrate, high-performance self-service solution that can be easily integrated into existing systems and meet a wide range of user interface requirements, Red Hat JBoss Portal Platform is your solution.”

I bring this up in the context of e-Spirit and the FirstSpirit CMS because of the strong philosophical alignment between what JBoss represents for portals and what FirstSpirit represent for Web content management. Let’s take a look:

“simple-to-integrate…” – Integration is a core concept for FirstSpirit. From its inception, FirstSpirit was designed to allow easy integration with other content management systems, Web applications and portals, including JBoss (of course).

“high-performance” – Like JBoss, FirstSpirit is enterprise scalable and is used by global brands to support very large internal and external user populations along with massive amounts of searchable content. What more, FirstSpirit is very efficient and reliable, helping to lower ongoing maintenance and support costs.

“meet a wide range of user interface requirements” – For any enterprise application, but especially portals and website, usability is critical to user adoption. FirstSpirit makes life easy for internal editors and administrators while in the process helping companies deliver a great online experience for their users and customers.

Given this alignment, it only makes sense that JBoss and FirstSpirit work well together. This combination lets companies create agile, responsive and content-rich portals that are comfortable to use and easy to maintain.

If you are interested in learning more, I suggest that you mark 2 p.m. EDT August 8 on your calendar for a webinarfeaturing Divya Mehra from RedHat, myself and Michael Thal for e-Spirit. During the session, we’ll explore key features in JBoss and FirstSpirit and then Michael will provide a hands-on demo of an integrated CMS-portal solution in action.

Hope to see you on the 8th!