Content Marketing: It’s About The Customer Experience

The other day a friend of mine asked me about Content Marketing. I discussed Content Marketing in an earlier blog post so I don’t want to rehash the basics here. But my friend asked an interesting question that I didn’t cover. “I understand that creating great content is important for someone in marketing. You need compelling materials to promote your company, its products on the web site, and to help fuel sales activities. That’s nothing new. So why is there so much discussion going on about Content Marketing?”

Good question! It’s more than just creating compelling content. It’s about creating a new customer experience that makes your customers feel comfortable, informed, and educated so that they return to your web site, buy your products, and promote your company.

As Robert Rose, chief strategist from the Content Marketing Institute, recently put it in his blog post

With web content, social, mobile, call centers, and globalization, we are adding more and more interfaces to our business every day. Sales, marketing, product design, customer service, the ad agency, and our partners all engage directly with consumers. As we exercise the new “business muscles” of content marketing, social engagement, and enabling more customer touch points, we need to understand that all of these goals are dependent upon our ability to create new customer experiences.

So how do you create an enjoyable customer experience? There are many factors that go into this but one that is critical is having a web site that is coordinated with all of your marketing programs and is consistent across all regions. A powerful content management system can help you improve the overall customer experience by promoting such things as personalization and single sign-on.

What other tactics have you found that help improve your customer’s experience? Do you factor this in when you build marketing plans?