What’s Compelling About Your Content?

What’s that old real estate saying? The most important three things in real estate are location, location, location. For marketers who run their company’s website it should be content, content, conten. Graphics, and logos all look nice but they’re secondary in importance to having quality content. As noted in B2B Magazine marketing leaders need to “…produce timely, relevant content while working in a more collaborative way...”

While layout design, infographics and a cool looking blog help create a nice website, what’s really important is that you have a strategy to keep viewers engaged and get them to come back on a regular basis. Content must be interesting, or educational, or possibly humorous. Something that gets the viewer to want to come back. One of the best ways to turn a viewer into a regular reader is to put a lot of emphasis on your social media channels since it’s a great way to get a dialogue going. I was reading the Marketing Daily website and saw a great quote, “Success on social media is directly connected to the quality of your content.” It can’t be any more clear than that.

Here are a couple suggestions for creating compelling content for your website.

  • Do I learn anything when I look at the site?
  • Is social media a one-way discussion or does it promote a two-way dialogue?
  • Does information change on a regular basis or does it remain stale?
When creating your company’s website don’t just post product information, press releases, and slap a bunch of stock photos on the site. Think about what interests you and what makes you return to company websites. Let face it, corporate information can be pretty dry, but focusing on creating compelling content can really help generate more traffic.