Creating Engaging Content

Earlier this week I wrote about the importance of getting readers to come back to your website on a regular basis. While having compelling content is the primary issue, it’s important to remember that fresh content comes from your internal editors, otherwise known as your content creators. One important and yet easily overlooked issue is that many web content management systems are complicated to use which limits the number of people who can contribute fresh content, as well as tie up your IT staff. The technology must meet the needs of users who range from novice to highly technical. Let’s look at how two of our customers tailored the content on their websites for their employees and customers.

Knauf is a global leader of construction materials and systems. The company does business in over 35 countries which means that their employees and customers speak many languages. In order to ensure a positive experience for their readers, Knauf took advantage of the fact that FirstSpirit™ is Unicode-based which means that all projects can be created in any language. This makes the viewing experience enjoyable and beneficial for anyone who enters the site.

Another customer, Merz Pharma, had a challenge that focused on the content creators instead of the viewers. With so many content creators available within the company, Merz realized that their web content management system had to be easy to use and offer flexibility for their content creators otherwise nobody would contribute content. For those internal editors who only occasionally want to make updates, FirstSpirit provides an intuitive WebClient with outstanding usability.

When you’re looking at web content management systems, ask yourself these two important questions:

1. Does the technology addresses global issues such as multi-language capabilities?

2. Is the WCMS designed to easily add content?