Welcome to our new website!

As you most likely have already noticed, the e-Spirit website for the Americas has been completely re-designed for 2014 from the home page to the closing credits.

This is far more than a face lift, although I think you’ll agree that the graphics, fonts and layouts work together to tell our story in a readable and appealing way. Beyond the graphics, we’ve completely re-written the content to make it easier to learn more about how FirstSpirit can meet your needs, whether you are marketer, developer, partner or IT manager.

The site is living example of e-Spirit’s global user experience strategy in action – a great customer experience on the front end of our website is made possible because FirstSpirit’s backend provides a great user experience for the project team. The users in this case included content creators, developers and integrators who enabled us to incorporate best of breed applications on top of our out-of-the box functionality.

As we preach throughout the site, mobile is everywhere. We all know the story – PC sales are down, smartphone and tablet sales are through the roof. More and more consumers visit websites from their desktops and transition to smartphones or iPads throughout the day. Therefore it’s critical that your websites look great on mobile devices.

With our new website we followed our advice and implemented responsive design from the outset. FirstSpirit makes it easy with its usability and features like integrated preview so content creators can easily create websites and see how design and content render on different size screens and formats. I encourage you to explore the site on different devices to see how responsive design works.

Like raising children, creating a new website takes a village. I would like to thank our agencies ISITE Design and McKenzie Worldwide as well as our internal team of project managers, designers, editors and technologists for their hard work and determination in seeing this project through to the end.Hope you enjoy their efforts! I welcome your questions and feedback.