Optimize your global user experience with FirstSpirit 5.1

One of the key areas of emphasis for us at e-Spirit has been user experience. But with something like a CMS that connects many different people together, what does user experience really mean? Does it mean the experience of your customers and site visitors or the people who use the CMS or something else completely?

To address this uncertainty, we decided to probe deeper into all the various aspects of user experience to find a more refined definition. What we came up with is the concept of the global user experience and wrote a white paper that explains our thinking in more detail.

In a nutshell, what we mean by global user experience is enhancing the user experience for three key groups of users who are vital to the Customer Experience and ultimately the success of any web project: content creators, integrators and developers. As we’ve seen in practice, the better the experience is for these users, the better the ultimate customer experience ends up being.

Now, with the release of FirstSpirit 5.1 we’ve taken this discussion to a whole new level by rolling out new product capabilities and enhancements that further improve the global user experience for our customers. Here’s what our chairman and CEO Joern Bodemann has to say:

“With our new 5.1 version of the FirstSpirit CMS, we are reinforcing our concept of the Global User Experience, which means providing optimal usability for everyone along the entire online supply chain. In today’s market every company wants to offer its website visitors an attractive, personalized customer experience to ensure repeat visits and improved sales. This is best achieved if the editors, marketing managers, software developers and system integrators also benefit from an outstanding user experience.”

There are two key areas that have been enhanced in the FirstSpirit 5.1 release:

  • FirstSpirit's browser-based, central editorial environment, ContentCreator, has been completely overhauled to make it easier for marketing managers to manage campaigns and for editors to create and publish personalized and dynamic content. For any digital marketing campaign, target group, output channel and end device.
  • To improve the developer experience, the 5.1 version now offers many new features designed specifically for software architects, developers and integrators to ensure more convenient and efficient project implementation.
We’re confident that these enhancements will enable you to launch new online services, functionalities or an entire website faster than before. Read the full news release for more detail on the specific enhancements.