Securing a Great Global User Experience

Recently I had the opportunity to contribute to the Business2Community blog where I discussed the importance of creating a great experience not just for the customers but also for the content creators. As Gleanster Research was quick to point out in its report, Key Considerations for Selecting the Perfect CMS:

“…the perfect CMS should support the content creation process from inception to publication. That means you need to pay close attention to the back-end user experience for everyone who will be using the system: content creators, marketing managers and staff, integrators and developers.”

I’ve hammered home the importance of the global user experience in other articles and blogs because it is such a critical concept when discussing web content management systems, yet it is often overlooked. When I spoke with David Roe from CMSWire about our recently announced FirstSpirit 5.1, I focused less on specific functionalities and more on the overall experience for the content creators and the customers as this is really a key for success in omni-channel communication.

The key takeaway from all of this discussion is—does your Web CMS vendor truly understand the big picture and the importance of providing a great global user experience? Does the vendor focus solely on features and functionality or do they understand how providing a great global user experience can dramatically improve your website and help drive competitive advantage?

If they’re not answering these questions, are they the right vendor for you?