Why Wrestle With Contributing Content?

When it comes to using technology, many people cite ease of use as one of the most important features. What’s the point of having great technology if only a few technical experts can actually figure it out? CMS technology is no different. As with other enterprise software, it’s important to think beyond just features and examine the long-term strategy about who is going to be using a CMS internally as well as the web site visitor’s experience.

As Forrester analyst Anjali Yakkundi recently wrote in an article about content creation in Fierce Content Management, it’s important to think long-term, including setting up alternative content delivery methods and "identifying specific and ongoing project-based initiatives." However, reporter Lisa Hoover McGreevy mentioned the “need to have someone on the team who can actually wrestle content onto a website once it's written.”

But why in this day and age do you need someone who can wrestle with the content and get it posted onto the website?

At e-Spirit we believe that it should be very easy for editors and marketing managers to create and post content to websites. It is part of what we like to call the Global User Experience—providing optimal usability for everyone along the entire online supply chain.
If you’re looking for a new content management system or are frustrated by managing your website, ask you vendor the following questions.

  • Does your Web CMS offer multi-perspective preview?
  • Does your CMS allow you to integrate all of your Web applications?
  • Can you simply drag-and-drop content into the browser?