How Well Do You Know Your Customers?

It’s scary to think that the holiday season is just around the corner. Where has the year gone? Suffice it to say that e-commerce vendors are gearing up for another season of incredible deals, shipping upgrades and new product launches. That means it’s time to start hearing from all of the experts on the importance of knowing your customer and ways to improve customer loyalty.

In fact, the other day I read CMSWire to see what was being discussed in the industry and three headlines immediately jumped out at me: 5 Ways Pitch Perfect Should Inform Your Content Strategy, Customer Success is a Failure, and Getting Closer to Customers Drives Web Success. Do you see a theme here?

What I noticed in each of these articles is how the authors all talked about how companies talk a good game about the importance of knowing their customers, yet there are just so many that actually do the complete opposite.

I believe that easily capturing and using customer data is one of the most important areas when discussing Web CMS technology. While gathering information about customers is important to the long term success of any company, the real key is what you do with that information. As author Ahava Leibtag noted in the 5 Ways Pitch Perfect Should Inform Your Content Strategy article,

“Starbucks uses the billions of piles of data it has about its customers — how, when and where they buy coffee — and then uses that data to create more accurate personas. Using this data, it can really thin slice their personas, and create targeted composite characters it can sell more coffee and other assorted accessories.”

So how does your company utilize customer data? Does your marketing department share that content with other departments? If so, is that information shared throughout multiple marketing channels in the form of personalized content?

As I mentioned in a recent article that I wrote for RIS News:

“Having a personalized experience is also more likely to turn a casual visitor into a loyal customer. It's a bit like the long-ago experience of the shopkeeper who knows your name and keeps your favorite products in mind. But how do you provide a personalized experience when shoppers are reluctant at best to reveal personal information? One promising development is real-time targeting technology that actually learns consumers' behavior as they click around your website or online store, and then uses this information to deliver personalized content and offers.”

As your company prepares for Black Friday and the onslaught of the Christmas rush, ask yourself if your company has a Web CMS in place to improve your customer’s experience. If not, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to head into 2015 with a smile on your face.