e-Spirit and Tahzoo team up to deliver great customer experiences all the time, every time

There’s no debate that being successful online in today’s world requires the ability to deliver a great customer experience across all channels, all devices and all platforms. The critical word here is all – you need to cover all your bases all the time. A great experience delivered here and there some of the time isn’t going to cut it.

The importance of customer experience is magnified when you put it in the context of the customer journey. As customers move from prospect to satisfied reference, they come in contact with your company at different times with different needs. One misstep and the journey may come to a halt as they start looking elsewhere.

Understanding the customer journey in its entirety requires the ability to walk a mile your customers’ shoes. This is the starting point for improving the customer experience from end to end. Helping our customers make meaningful strides in improving the customer journey is one of the reasons we have formed a new partnership with Tahzoo.

Among the various services Tahzoo offers, one of the most helpful for companies looking to make major strides in CX is a customer journey map. Through research and insight data, Tahzoo helps companies discover what their customers' journeys really look like. Not an idealistic picture, but a data-driven perspective that enables clients to zero in on what's working and what isn't.

From there, Tahzoo’s experience design team works to create a customer-centric holistic brand experience across all touch points using real data. A core component of this is helping companies to produce relevant, targeted content coupled with well-aligned omni-channel campaigns.

Some vendors would have you believe that a single marketing cloud or suite is all that needed for a great CX. But the reality is much different. There are simply too many touch points, too much content and too many requirements for a single application to handle it all. By choosing to align with e-Spirit, Tahzoo can now offer its clients an integrated best-of-breed solution that enables brands to engage with customers along the entire customer journey.

Do you understand all the touch points along your customers’ journeys? Are you able to walk a mile in your customer’s shoes? Are your brand experiences consistently great? If you answered no to any of these questions, Tahzoo together with First Spirit can turn that around. Drop us a line to learn more.